pumpkin picking

One of our Halloween traditions {don't you have more than one} is to pick our own pumpkins from a pumpkin patch. Our favorite little spot closed a few years ago and so I have been on the lookout for another perfect pumpkin patch. I am not about spending $8 bucks a person to go to Hee Haw's and see the Worlds Biggest Pig. So we hauled the troop down to the Red Barn in Santaquin.

You take a wagon ride out to the pumpkins...a slow wagon ride

Chad and Milo were pretty quick to find their pumpkins

Gavin went through about nine before he went back to the first one he had pickedThis has always been a fun thing for our family to do, if you don't already do this you should try it and happy pumpkin picking!

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Susan said...

I heard about this place just the other day from a co-worker. We'll definitely have to fit it in!