Almost there

Not only are we counting down Christmas in our house we are counting down the arrival of family member #5. So what is normally a crazy time of year has turned into a astronomical undertaking. {I told chad that we will be celibate from March till April from now on so that I can make certain we don't have another Holiday baby}
I am amazed though at the stuff I have been able to crank out to get everything ready.
here are a few...

Christmas Cards...Check

Neighbour Gifts...Check

ikea dish towels and recipe cards printed here

Recover Bassinet...Check
Make #3 bedding...Check

Church outfits...checkyes my kids are wearing vintage bowties and yes I am wearing a hat from the 40's

Merry Christmas!


Temple Square lessons learned

We made our way up to SLC for our annual Temple Square excursion. And I have to say the lessons and experiences learned were worth the 9 hours it took us to take this trip.
1- Gavin will talk to ANYONE; he chatted with a lady the entire way up on trax, and on the way back he told two men who had take out, they could not have food on the train and pointed to the sign.
2- Know what train you are getting on; if you are going to mistakenly get on the University line you have to transfer or end up 45 mins later at the University Hospital.
3- Iphone=parents sanity; What did we do before we could sit our kids down with our phone to watch "The Grinch" on YouTube.
4- Defrost backfires if your car is cold; making you sit for 10 minutes in your completely frosted car, {I have driven for 10 years and have never know this}
5- Temple square makes everyone a photographer.


A new tradition

My sister found a live Nativity in Alpine that we all went to for FHE. Well I thought we were going to a live Nativity, little did I know that we were going back in time to Bethlehem, complete with camels and Roman soldiers.

This is the best picture we got, Gavin was NOT happy about being so close to a camel. It really was a great experience. Hopefully you all can make it next year, as we went on the last night.


It's a green Christmas

I try to help the earth whenever I can, especially when the outcome is something this cute. I will be wrapping gifts this year with old pattern pieces. Check out full tutorial here.


Two Things

I am looking forward to this weekend for two reasons:

1-Beehive Bazaar
Motley Handmade has been plenty busy making wonderful new items for you.

2- When I am not at Beehive Bazaar I will be at this website.
I overheard a lady talking about this website and gave it a try. Let me tell you, if you have wanted to try a trend but didn't want to spend lots of dough this place is for you. Who can say no to boots for $20!


Christmas list

I hate toys that take batteries and especially ones that make a lot of noise. So here is a list of some of the toys on my kids Christmas lists this year.

My boys have been asking for drums for a while now and how can I resist with this darling set.


Don't worry about putting this seesaw away when company comes, it looks like art.


How cute will #3 look when he is pushing this cute walker around the house.


Not only are they getting exercise with this tricycle they are helping the earth.