I have not posted in quite a while for the mere fact that my computer contracted a virus. Why do people send out viruses. STUPID STUPID STUPID!

Anyway- I have noticed that I use this word a lot. Blogworthy is nothing more than something being of worth enough to blog about. Here are a few things that I think are blogworthy:

1* Rummikub

I have never felt so much the geriatric, but when I am playing this game. And I love it. I have spent many a late hour with these little tiles.

2*Hello Yogurt
I crave this stuff on an hourly basis. I am so grateful to my Cambodian friend for staying open till 11:00 every night. Obviously there are others that have this obsession as well.

3* Pinky rings.

These are not for gangstas and pimps any more ladies. I know we all have a stash of toe rings that went out about 8 years ago, so now is the time to ornate that small finger. My choice is a blue eternity ring I got for my birthday 6 years ago and I love how it looks. Try it and trust me you will love it too.