room with a view too

I didn't want to leave August out...
Since babies don't have a preference, this room is a bunch of my favorites.

Wheels are vintage, plate from IKEA, star is handmade by me, shelf was upcycled by me, bird was made by her, owls were bought at the last one of these.

Shelf is from a yard sell, framed prints are from here, mobile was handmade by me, vintage inspired cards are by Martha Stewart.

room with a view

I finally finished G & M's room.
I wanted something that felt comfortable to a 2 yr old, something that my almost 7 yr old liked, and of course something that was my taste. Here it is...

Remember this, I was happy with how it turned out. I had to have the railing and ladder made.

Pictures are from here. Desk is vintage. Table is from IKEA and chairs are vintage. Coat rack I bought at last years this. Bulletin board I made.
I couldn't find a bookshelf I loved, so I hung a bunch of shelves instead.


everybody bumbo tonight

Yet another milestone...

Ode to the bumbo, if you don't have one get one!

As a side note, I am finding that August is a perfect mix of his older brothers. He has an easy temprament like G as a baby and a happy personality like M as a baby.

p.s. I finally finished the boys' rooms the post will be here soon.



I would like to report that night #2 doing the whole Supernanny thing Milo was asleep after about 30 mins and after putting him back into bed the first night somewhere around 60 times, last night it only took 7 times. Maybe there is something to that Supernanny.


sweet dreams

Milo has NEVER been a good sleeper. the longest nap he would take as an infant was 20 mins and after we had his tonsils and adenoids removed we thought that would fix it. On average he falls asleep around 12:00 midnight every night with several stirrings throughout the night for drinks and such. So after much frustration, and several episodes of Supernanny I decided to switch tactics. the method used by Supernanny took a 4yr old who hit, kicked and swore at his mom 1hr to fall asleep the first night. How it works is after they get out of bed you pick them up, without looking at them or talking to them and out them into bed. Easy enough, I thought this plan would have Milo to sleep 30 mins after I first told him goodnight seeing as the kid on the show was a terror and Milo just doesn't want to go to bed. BOY WAS I WRONG! 2 hrs and 12 mins later he FINALLY was asleep... up in Gavin's bed.
Hopefully tonight will go a little smoother, I am taking the boys to classic skating tonight so maybe it will wear him out a little. Fingers crossed.


We blessed August last week. To me blessings make it official, claiming to everyone that this little one is ours and then listening to his father bless him with all the things he hopes for his son. It is beautiful to see so many people come together to show their love to such a small sweet spirit.
Our new family. I am officially outnumbered.

August was quite the little social bug at the luncheon afterward. He loves his grandma dear.


drum beats

Milo's counting is as random as he is. When he counts backwards it is right on. When he counts up it sounds like this...1,4, So I have been trying in vain to get him to count objects. We have started simple and just been counting two objects. I have done this a bunch with him and every time it's as though because I earnestly want him to do it we simply won't. {much like going the bathroom into the toilet} Fast forward to the other night after I had put Milo back into his bed for the umpteenth time and finally given up so he came and sat by me on the couch . I was doing everything I could to ignore him so he would get bored and fall asleep, but then all the sudden he picked up August's two pacifiers and said "Look mom, two binki's.. one, two" He knew just the thing to get my attention. As glad as I am that he as now mastered counting two things it makes me crazy that he only does it on his time. I have said before though that I wanted children that march to the beat of their own drums.

p.s. as a side note and personal accomplishment, after only my second time swimming after having the baby I am back up to my regular laps. I thought it was going to take me awhile.