And so it begins

Things are going to get busy for Motley Handmade. I just want to give everyone a heads up for the up and coming shows you can spot us at {along with a bunch of other amazing crafters}

This Saturday we will be at the Sundance Harvest Market, it is a free festival that goes all day till 4.

Next on our agenda is Bijou Market on November 7th. Also just another plug that if you haven't applied and you hand make something amazing we want you, so get on it and apply.

Finally for this year is Beehive Bazaar is December 3-5th. I always go intending on buying gifts for others but alas only get gifts for me.

{disregard the date above}


Where have you been all my pregnancies

If you are like me you aren't about to give up style just because you are pregnant. And now you don't have to thanks to Forever 21. These jeans come with an elastic waist band so they are super comfy. And they are less than $20! I was ready to dish out four times that for some maternity skinnies but now I don't have to.


birthday and a bunkbed

Milo turned two a couple weeks ago,

He decided that when you are two you no longer sleep in a crib with or without the side rail off, which has turned nights at the johnasson house into a regular game of musical beds {last night Chad ended up on the couch, Milo was in my bed with me and my rather large maternity pillow, and Gav was in his bed.}

Which brings me to my next project...

Of course putting two boys into one room can only mean one thing... room makeover! I was planning on painting first of course but Milo's new found obsession for "Davin's bed" had caused me to switch my decorating plan {which I hate doing}

So now for the next few days my project will be taking this MTC bunk bed and transforming it hopefully into something amazing. I will keep you posted.


Gavin and the Garden

I would like to announce that Gavin finally caught up with the ice cream man, and it only took all Summer. That was the best $2 Popsicle ever.

Gavin started Kindergarten and just in time too. If I had to go another day with hearing the phrase "When is it time for Kindergarten?" I think I might have had a melt down.

Speaking of which Gavin had a melt down of his own the other day. The independent spirit that he is decided to make some toaster waffles and he said he didn't want any smoke to escape from the toaster so he put a plate on top of the toaster {a plastic plate} this is all that was left of his snack.


I posted a while back about my sad little garden, apparently the garden gods took pitty on me , I have since picked over 100 jalapenos and about 40 tomatoes from on plant each. What am I supposed to do with that many jalapenos {and don't say salsa! Everyone says that, and I am officially sick of salsa}


A year ago

I was going through some files and came across pictures of our family at Disney World last year, and some of them made me laugh. Ah, memories-

I love this pictures because of Annie sneaking in the background

This picture speaks for itself, what else are you gonna do walking through fake Europe?

Does anyone else have pictures like this? Like we could really get a focused picture on the teacups.

Coming out of the timeshare sales pitch we went to so we could get a free day a Disney World. Totally worth it.


Bijou wants you

It is official Bijou Market is accepting applications today through the end of September! We want the best and most original handmade stuff out there. So please, please, please if you or someone you know fits this, tell them to apply.

I can't wait to see what amazing creativities we will end up with this time around. It seems that every show it gets better better.