ch, ch, changes

I hate change, that is one of the reasons I have a phone from 2001. The other reason is I try to live by the mantra, why throw something out if it still works. My goldfish and I {inside joke if you have seen my phone} have been through it all, but I guess after the having something like 248 people thinking my phone is a play phone, and not really being able to rely on my phone working anymore, it is time for an upgrade.

So now my phone really is a play phone!


begin again

This year the first day of school seemed like any other day. Gav came home and said that 2nd grade is just like 1st grade. Maybe because he opted for clothes that he wore in 1st grade and not any of his "school clothes."

After I got this one on the bus I decided to do what every other mom does on a Tuesday in August.

I did not learn a thing about dinosaurs, but I can tell you what I did learn...

- Milo likes to "read" EVERY sign, look at EVERY picture and notice EVERY display. He most definitely takes after grandma dear!

- August is more than happy to join any and every group other than the one he comes with.

- Gavin is worth his weight in gold as my helper. Now I see why mom's home school. Chasing a one year old is so tiring.


almost over

Maybe it was the anxiety of one last week of summer vacation, or maybe it was the urgency of fall, whatever it was the Johansson's summer checklist was in full swing last week. Here is a sampling.


Kool Aid Stand

Fort building

Seven peaks

August does a good job keeping everyone fed.

August is pointing to an airplane flying by, one of his many talents

Iron Port and Scones

I even took a turn at sleeping out on the trampoline {sorry no pics} with the two oldest. Since we are all back in school here is a little math problem for you-

crickets + full moon = worst night sleep ever!!!

I would take a crying newborn before I do that again. Honestly, I would be such a terrible pioneer.

Happy end of Summer all!


baby bear blows

I don't know what is more cute. The fact that he knows how to blow his nose, or that he is always walking around doing it.

Sister Day

A gold star to Celeste for a wonderful sister day. The only thing that could have made it better was flying Millie out from Boston to be there with us. You think one person wouldn't make a big difference but Camille's absence was defiantly felt. Miller's you were horribly missed! Pretty sure we don't ever want to have a sister miss sister day again.



Today is Sister Day! Every year we celebrate this day by spending a day together. Each sister takes a turn planning the day which is great because each year has a different persons signature to it. I started this tradition six years ago, and I really get excited for it every year. I felt like having six sisters was something that should be celebrated. People always ask me the order of all of us so here is the role call...


This year is Celeste's year so I am sure we will have a blast.

Call your sister(s) today and tell her you love her, better yet

plan an outing together



My mother-in-law gave me a garbage bag full of walnuts from her tree. I have found that my boys love cracking the nuts. I set them up with a sidewalk and a meat mallet and for a good 45 mins {like 3 hours in little boy time} they were amused.

I am glad I have all these walnuts because I have the perfect summer pasta recipe. Which I of course will share with you.
Chicken Pasta with Zucchini, Walnuts & Raisins

1 lb spaghetti {or whatever you have}

2 Chicken breasts cut into small chunks

olive oil {enough to coat the skillet}

1/2 cup walnuts chopped

4 cloves garlic{at least} minced

1 1/2 lbs zucchini halved and sliced into half circles

3/4 cup raisins


grated parmesan cheese

  • cook pasta, drain and return to pot

  • meanwhile in skillet cook chick in oilve oil, once chicken is cooked through add walnuts and cook for another 4 mins. Once walnuts have slightly browned add galric and cook for 1 min.

  • Add zucchini and raisins and cook until zucchini is tender but not limp. season with salt and pepper.

  • add skillet mixture to pasta and mix together

  • sprinkle with parmesan, serve

Thats it! I hope you enjoy it, I would love to hear how you liked it


never too late to start

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I know I did. Chad and I were due for some much needed "no kid time" I was also due for a much needed pedicure so Chad and I went for pedi's.

I was a little worried that Chad wouldn't like his pedicure because it is hard to find a place open on Friday night. After driving all over Utah county and we ended up in a very sub par nail salon.

I am happy to report though that he did like it and said that he would even like to try a better place next time.

Everyone has their regular spot for pedi's, and I am looking for a new spot, the last time I got one at my usual place it wasn't that great. So my question is where do you go? Leave a comment and let me know


hide and seek

What is it about curtains that are so appealing?

smile for the camera

So now that the camera situation is fixed {thank you chad, for my birthday present} I will keep regular posting hours.

The extreme guilt I had of not having any pictures of August {ask any third child how many pictures their parents took of them, compared to the oldest} lead me to take oodles of him the second I turned the camera on. He wasn't to keen to my plan, every picture I have of him looks like this

and this