We have finalized our dates so now you can finalize your Calendars:

2012 Provo Spring Market Dates:

Friday April 13, 10 am-8 pm
Saturday April 14, 10 am-6 pm
Historic Southworth Hall 116 W Center Street Provo

Get ready!


mix + mingle

Now that Christmas is taken down and boxed up, I can some much needed interior design. I typically don't change anything in my home from the months of September to January due to all the Holiday decorating I do. So come January I start to fill a little ancy. Here are some of the pieces I have added.

Verla Ivans Arrows

These handmade arrows are amazing. And they look perfect over one of my favorite pieces of art. Manly Dance by Rachel Loose.

A quick game of musical spaces on the wall while adding some new things make this feel completely new.I revamped my old boring Tuscan patina chandelier with yellow spray paint. If you are planning on doing this wait till it is warm, mine bubbled in places due to the freezing temps.

I bought this mobile at an estate sale of sorts over the summer and just now got around to hanging it. It has a different shape every time you look at it. I have had so many people ask about this one, I am making them and selling them at the next Bijou Market, this spring.

I love how industrial these pulleys look, and how much they compliment the softness of this photo of the Mount Timpanogos Temple (Christmas gift thanks Paul & Sharlene.) My original plan was to hang these pulley's on the wall but after seeing how many times the wheels on Augusts wall fall off I didn't want to risk an injury. I am thinking about having them powder coated, what do you think?

The one thing that gets me through the first few months of the year are lots of projects. So stay tuned for what I whip out. Happy almost February!

p.s. I uploaded 200 pics today I have a lot of posting to catch up on. There went my new years resolution.



This time exactly two years ago I was getting my membranes stripped. Ahh, memories.

Fast forward to today and I am going through something equally painful. Okay maybe not as painful as that, but getting a two year old to take a nap, in a bed and with no pacifier can feel like torture. Someone must have filled August in on the secret mom oath, that you won't get after your kids about anything on their birthdays. It took me an extra hour to get him to sleep, but now he is and all is right with the world again.

So I am taking advantage of the quiet for a few hours before we go and celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese. Maybe I will spend it thinking about #3 and how much our family LOVES him. Most likely though it will get spent picking up all the cute messes #3 makes.

Happy Birthday Goosey!