William Rast has done a line exclusively for Target. To see it all click here, hurry it is only for a short time.

Also on the horizon Mulberry is doing a line as well. I will keep you posted.


I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. One person in our house has definitely taken the resolution bull by the horns. Milo now uses la toilette. I now owe him...

-a candy bar

- lunch with Cosmo

- trip to Chuck E. Cheese

- any toy he wants

- a million dollars

- admission to Cosmo Kids Club

- all the gum he wants

So this year, my New Years resolution is stop offering crazy rewards, because sooner or later my kids will achieve the impossible and I will be left to pay up. Lesson learned.

Have a wonderful New Year!


in other news

August was downstairs, I was in my office paying bills {yuck!} and out of nowhere I hear gus upstairs. I ask Milo "Where is August?" and he looks at me like I am an idiot and says,"upstairs." Then I say, "How did he get up there?" and Milo gives me another, your an idiot look, and says "Mom, he walks."

I guess it is offical. He walks.

portable north pole tv

If anyone wants to do a stellar surprise for their kids. Go to This Link and you can have a personalized e-mail message sent to your kids from Santa. It is free, easy and my kids have watched theirs a dozen times. They absolutely love it.



I guess when you are tired it does not matter where you are and how big the donut you were eating is.


I love it when the hair right behind Gus's ears flips out.

I don't love it when he won't hold still so we can get a good picture of it.


Milo and his randomness just keeps going and going. A few examples...

Milo wants an iTouch for Christmas. Since when did 3 year old a) know anything about electronics and b) know enough that they want one for Christmas.

We went on a train ride two nights ago to see Santa and when the engineer asked Milo who we were going to see he said "Jesus" and was a little upset when I told him we would not be seeing baby Jesus just Santa. Go figure, at least his heart is in the right place.

August was playing by Milo on the floor yesterday and I guess was bugging him because Milo turned to him and said, Gus, you are irritating me.

When Milo get's home from anything, no matter what time of day, the first thing he does is get back into his pajama's. Most days the only way I can get him dressed is to tell him when we get home he can put his PJ's back on.

holiday faves

Does anyone know why the song "A Few of My Favorite Things" is classified as a Holiday song? I don't get it but I have heard it on the radio several times. Please someone explain! Whether it is Holiday or not I am going to give you a few of my favorite things right now.

~American Apparel Black Tricot leggings~
{obviously not a big fan of having my picture taken}
{August's duck boots from baby Gap}

These leggings are simply the best. They can dress anything up, and are slimming due to the faint shimmer they give right down your leg. These would be a great gift for the person that has everything, and the best part is they come in about 13 colors!

~ribbed socks~

{photo form j.crew}
Okay I know that this isn't for everyone, but I just love these with heels.

~Winter Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson~

Give yourself a little early Christmas present and download this song. Trust me the best 99 cents you will spend this Christmas. If you don't love it I will pay for the download. And if you are feeling even more adventurous download the entire album; The Hotel Cafe Presents Winter Songs.

ho ho ho

Try as I might to keep the Christmas spirit some days it just seems like the spirit part gets sucked right out of me. That is okay because as of last night my Christmas cards were in the poseddion of the U.S. postal service {finally!} So be checking your boxes; because other than the presents the one thing that you anticipate most of all is the yearly Johansson Christmas card.

one more thing to check of my list.


journalism at it's finest

BYU weekly did a story on our little Bijou Market. If you didn't get a chance to see it on the telly, take a look. It made me happy we do what we do and also made me realize my voice is kinda on the man side. Oh well, enjoy!



I want to apologize to anyone that has come to my house and used my bathroom, because the toilet paper looks like this...

Thanks to this....

In my defense after 137 times of carefully winding the TP back on the roll so it looks normal you get sick of it.

He is also great at empting any and all drawers in your home.

Cheap-O Christmas tree

My friend Annie and I went into the local dollar store a month ago, looking for decorations for an activity day party, and I told her "Someone could decorate a pretty descent Christmas tree with decorations from here" and she said "You should do it" So, I accepted the challenge and here is my end result.

I need to clarify...
These are not from the dollar store.
They were stocking hangers from walmart but they cost $1 each so it counts. Also the glitter ribbon is not from the dollar store either but it only cost me $3 to wrap the entire tree.


little things

I love it when I go to the TV to see what recorded the night before only to find that Chad recorded one of my favorite comedians {Zach Galifianakis} on one of my favorite late night shows {Jimmy Fallon} He didn't have to, but he loves me.

It made my day part because of the gesture and part because it was so funny! Please tell me someone else saw it and laughed as hard as I did?