i {heart} Slab

I wanted to let you all in about a little joint called Slab. Home to the BEST pizza and I do consider myself to be somewhat of a pizza connoisseur. This is the thing if you love thin crust, out of the ordinary toppings and huge slices this place is for you. Try the Buffalo Wing pizza it is a favorite of mine. Head on over you won't be disappointed 669 East 800 North in Provo.

my mouth is watering just from writing this post, maybe I will see you there.

peanuts, popcorn, candy apples

Every once in a while Chad and I decide to go above and beyond our everyday realm of parenthood. I have always been fascinated by the Circus, so when we got word it was in town, Chad and I took the troop the the Circus.

I would like to say that I got lots of pictures but truthfully Chad and I were so enthralled with the Circus this is all we got.

The Circus was two hours of a borderline heart attack, I felt like I was sitting ready to witness an accident every time a new act came out. It was 9 on the fun scale. If you want to feel like a kid again make a night of the Circus.



Gus is one, some thoughts

-tear, tear, sigh, tear

- my body is not reflective of having a baby a year ago

- does that mean it is time to think about #4

- great 365 days left until the terrible 2's

-the fact that he knows how to fake laugh cracks me up

-turning one has entitled him to be the official boss of all creation

- everyone stop telling me he doesn't look like a baby anymore

-he doesn't walk he runs

- I remind myself to enjoy his cute tantrums now soon they won't be so cute

a spiritual ah-ha moment

Long story short...
I have been reading a rather intellectual book, and been torn because a lot of the content is questionable to my personal values. I have gone back and forth for two months now, I read 50 pages then stop, then read some more and stop. I feel torn between expanding my knowledge and keeping my values in place. Anyone else been there?

Fast forward to last night...
I attended Relief Society where the guest speaker was Julie Beck {General Relief Society President} and during a Q&A part of the night I received an answer. While responding to a question to what she was reading right now, she told us that the most important thing was to always maintain the ability to receive inspiration, and if we are reading or watching something that makes us loose that ability then we need to make a change.

What did I learn...
I know that as a S.A.H.M it is easy to think that I am not as smart or learned as others, so where I thought I was doing myself a service to read something on a higher level, I was really clouding my ability to receive the higher level education I really needed. I still have not finished the book, but I decided that there was absolutely nothing in that book that would be better for my life than being able to feel the Spirit.



Having sick kids is the pits. What is worse than sick kids you ask? Having each one of my kids take a turn being sick for an entire week, and not just any week mind you, the one week out of the year that I have a burst of New Year resolution energy. I feel like the "go get em" attitude I had Sunday night has been replaced with a sense of exhaustion from drawn baths, trips to the kitchen for drinks and snacks, and symptom checks via the Internet just to name a few. Yesterday I got excited to bring in the Garbage cans from off the street just for the 5 min break outside it gave me! I am thankful for somethings though e.g. Snuggling with little ones who usually won't let me, reading lots of books, making what I want for dinner because my kids have to stick to the BRAT diet and most of all realizing how truly tender and precious my kids are. Leave it to a week of throw up, diarrhea and fevers to make me the most thankful for my little ones...and for children's Motrin!