Christmas List

I love Opening Ceremony and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this darling coat. So if anyone out there needs to get me something for Christmas and is stumped, here you go.

Also, since I have been looking for some black boots these are also on my list.


cocoa buzz

I love cocoa. It is the best thing ever. I drink it year round no matter the weather. My gift to all of you is to let you in on the four best {in my opinion of course}

First would have to be homemade. For the sake of convenience I use the recipe on the side of the Hershey's baking cocoa box and then I add cream.

The rest are in no order because I love all three and crave them all the same.

I NEVER allow cocoa mix in the house, but a couple of weeks ago I saw this mix at the store and had to try it. It is Stephens Cherry Chocolate Gourmet cocoa. When I first made it I added cream of course and it was way to rich, this is so good you only need to add hot water.

Next on my list was introduced to my by a friend It is 7-eleven Peppermint White Hot Chocolate. I know you are thinking-Gross, 7-eleven. But I swear it is amazing, it is so thick and creamy and it has just the right amount of peppermint.

Last has been on my list since I was little. It is Snicker doodle Hot Chocolate at Juice and Java. Sorry for those of you who don't live in Utah cause you are out of luck and it is a shame because this hot chocolate is so amazing I drive 30 minutes to buy it.

So there you have it, my list of the most wonderful Cocoa's. Try one {or all of them} trust me your taste buds will thank me.



A working girl once again. I find myself with no time to blog at all. While I am at work I am reminded of things that I need to blog about, birthdays (which will be coming shortly) concerts, holidays, outings. As I don't have to time to write a post on each one. I offer you a play-by-play of my events over the past month.

First my little sister Savanna has decided to try her skill at the art of Viola, yes that is the same instrument I play, Let me tell you it was only a LITTLE weird to go to her recital and watch her play, and remembering myself 12 years ago.

Next, though I have been swimming every week for a while now, one of the gals in my group finally had the wonderful idea to bring a camera to document the outing.

The top picture is as follows left to right: Val, Collette, Me, Emily. bottom pic: Me, Val, Emily, Collette

Third and last for tonight. Thanksgiving was wonderful, my family ended the night by cramming 14 people into a Honda Accord Hatchback to look at the Spanish Fork Lights. Don't believe me here you go.

I would have to say these two got the best deal as far as seating was concerned.

I guess that about covers it. Until next time.



If I could right now I would buy some new art for my walls. Here are a few I have been eyeing on etsy. What do you think?

What about giving thanks

Why is it that we go from Halloween to Christmas. Last time I checked there is tremendous holiday in the middle. Hello THANKSGIVING!!! I love Christmas just as much as anyone but I like to give everyone their fair share and so I am taking a stand to not overlook an important celebration. I will not put up my Christmas deco until AFTER the 27th and I will not listen to Holiday tunes until after that day as well. Join me to embrace what the pilgrims and the Indians worked so hard for, the chance that we have to stuff our faces.


Smell my feet

All Hallows Eve was a success this year.

Every year the Johansson Family has a theme, well 5 year olds don't like to compromise and so we had two themes this year. Chad was CHewbacca and Gavin was Han Solo. I was Cruella De Vil and Milo was a Dalmatian

We could never get gavin to stop for one minute to take a picture. So imagine Han solo next to Chewbacca

Gav in the new cast of Thriller

This picture does not do Milos dance moves justice, imagine him stomping his foot and punching the air. see much cuter.

The one and only family Halloween picture. Until next year.


an orignal

A friend of mine does AMAZING artwork. The problem is not finding one you like it is deciding where all 11 of the ones you want will go in your house.

These are just a few of the ones I am hearting. and anybody that photographs cemetaries, well enough said. Really these small thumbprints don't do the photos justice, go to her site and check them out.


the tip of the iceberg

Several People have tagged me and I am hesitant but here goes.

7 quirks about me!

1- I talk to myself- I know lots of people talk to themselves, but I have entire two person conversations with myself. example. I will be walking in a store talking with myself and notice people staring at me so then I say out loud not even realizing it "Why are all these people staring at me?" then I say "It is probably because you are talking to yourself." A sign of a true genius or someone that has lost their mind. I also find myself singing as I walk down the grocery store aisle.

2- I can't buy anything in an even numbered amount. I can buy one three five seven etc of something but it can't be an even amount. Sometimes this is out of my control and I have to buy only two and it bothers me for days after.

3- Every time I get out of the shower I have to dry off in the exact same order. I start with my face I have tried not drying my face several times but it bothers me so I always start with my face. then I dry my arms and the entire front of my body before I flip my head over to let my hair hang and then I dry my legs. After my legs I flip the towel over my back to dry it as well. I finish by twisting the towel over my hair.

4- I am extremely superstitious. For example this year I could not wear a BYU shirt to any football game, because I didn't do it for the first one. Nor could I watch the first 15 minutes of any game because we missed the first 15 min of the season opener. Also if I do something with my hands or say something before a play and BYU does well I have to do it for the rest of the game.

5- I make lists. My life does not feel organized unless I have them, I make them daily.

6- I am obsessed with my handwriting. I will start over on any type of handwritten item until I like my writing. I write all over everything for practice too. It is not just my handwriting alone. It is also my Signature. Chad will find entire sheets of paper with my autograph written on it over and over again.

7- I can not sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door. I always have this fear that if someone breaks into our house and comes in the room they will take me first but if I am on the far side of the bed they have to get through chad. I do this everywhere I sleep, it makes no difference what side of the bed I am on as long as I am not by the door.

And there you have it folks, just a few of my quirks. I would like to say that I only have seven but sadly I could go on all day if I had to.

Millie and Ken

Alright I knew this time of year was coming and I thought I would be more prepared but no.

From October 26th to November 12th we celebrate 4 birthdays in my family, for all you smarties out there yes that is one a week for about a month. So Last week was my youngest and most energetic sister Ken. This 10 year old is the smartest and oldest 10 year old I know. She will go up against anyone and has no fear. This little dearie would give you anything she had and is always thinking of others. I love you makenna, I am glad you are my sister. I love you.

ANd that brings us to today...

Camille, or millie as those who know her best call her is SEVENTEEN today. For some reason that seems to old for me. I can't believe little buba is seventeen. This dare I say woman is an amazing athlete, last year she was one of only three girls to hit a home run off the best pitcher in the state. She is a talented artist-seriously how come her had paints, sculpts and draws and my hand only doodles. And I think the best part is she looks A LOT like me. we both have the quirky eyebrow. Darling Millie, you are a sweetheart and I love you.

p.s. this is the only picture I had of mille, I will have to find another and post it later.

How lucky am I to have sisters.

tie my shoes

Today gavin tied his shoes. The best part is he just did it on his own. Months and months ago I tried teaching him but he wasn't interested, then today he came in and they were tied. AMAZING! Gav is defineatly one of those kids who marches to the beat of his own drum.


Blah, Blah, Blah

I little rant if you will...

I am feeling tired today I swam 29 laps last night.

After two years I put curtains in Gavin's room thinking it would finish his room, but once they were up I now see that I need to re-do his room all together.

This week I finished sewing everyones Halloween costumes, I will probably never sew with fur again.

I have been trying to be more thrifty, last night J Crew had a warehouse sale and I didn't go. believe me I was feeling physically sick from passing up $10 sweaters and crewcuts.

Thats all I have for now.


Birthday Wishes

I am definitely lucky in the Mother-in-law department. This lady is a true gem. She is super crafty, makes terrific food, and loves to laugh. She taught me how to make terrific bows, and also a plethora of Christmas decorations, there is nothing this lady can't do. Aside from her abilities she has got the looks, I have said many times I am glad that Chad got her features, especially her eyes. I just want to say how grateful I am for a wonderful friend in a mother-in-law, I love you so much. Happy Birthday!


another inner oprah

Because I know that you are all sitting there wondering what kind of candy to purchase for Halloween this year I will tell you that these are wonderful. They look like they glow in the dark and because you can't tell what flavor they are you eat all of them instead of picking out the red and pink ones.

Ghosts DOTS are what I am giving out to little tricker treaters this year.


giving in

this weekend I finally got around to listen to the entire Coconut Records album Nightttiming, and I have to say that while I know there popularity is on the rise, something that I normally abstain from, the album is pretty good. This album honestly sounds like he(jason schwartzman) and a bunch of famous friends (kristen dunst, zooey deschanel etc.) decided to throw down some tracks and I think that innocence is what make it endearing. Honestly, don't go looking for a deeper meaning, just play it and love it. I know I do even if they do play his songs on the Hills, gossip girl and 90210. Happy Listening. It's not you it's me is my favorite. click on it below.



I don't know how your kids do with waiting rooms but mine not so great. That is until I pull out the camera and let them have a little photo shoot. All I can say is LiFE SavEr!

Next, one of my fave pastimes. There is nothing better than me and 64,000 BYU fans spending an afternoon throwing back a few caffeine free cokes (that is all they sell) and cheering for the Mighty Cougars!

Lastly, Halloween is upon us and you know what that means...

And I have to say my two favorite accessories are the spiderweb on my ceiling and this mossy wreath. truly the pictures don't do justice.



8 Things I am passionate about:
1- Chad
2- Gavin and Milo
3- BYU
4- Traditions with my family
5- Halloween
6- My Testimony
7- Music
8-Vintage Fashion

8 words/phrases I often say
1- I love you
2- I'm tired
3- Stop teasing
4- Baggo Magaw
5- What in heavens name are you doing?
6- I have cleaned up this house three times today
7- feed the dog and cat
8- Are you gonna get dressed today?

8 Things I want to do before I die-
1- Learn to play the drums
2- Ride a bull for real
3- Travel across country on a train
4- Travel to Europe on a boat
5- Take a roar trip on Route 66
6- Buy my dad a Lamborghini
7- Write a book
8- Live in Europe for a long time

8 Things I currently want or need
1- A Nap
2- A Cook
3- A Maid
4- The desire to work out
5- A Vaca with Chad
6- Tickets to Weezer
7- to update my fall wardrobe
8- to finish remodeling my kitchen

8 People I tag
1- IF
3- ARE
6- YOU
7- ARE

An Ode

I knew when I started posting birthdays somebody would fall through the cracks, I just didn't think it would be this terrific girl.

For pretty much my whole life anything fun, crazy or amazing that I ever experienced, Tiff was right there with me for it, When we were little we did everything together, we didn't play with friends we just played with each other. We have some fond memories of cruisin', 98degrees, and lots of shopping, she was even with my the first two times I met Chad. Tiff is the the most giving person I know, she is constantly looking for someone to help and serve. When I had my first miscarriage I received the biggest bouquet of flowers ever and the note said, "love your sisters" in her handwriting. I have a lot of sisters, which is great because I have one for every aspect of my life, they all fill my life with different things, but Tiffani especially holds a special place for me, probably because of everything we have done together, and as life goes on and is constantly changing the one thing that I know is she is always there. Happy Birthday last week, sorry I am late! I love you so much, you have given me the most perfect niece, wonderful hair, and a wonderful friend.


bagoo magaw-I love space-captain adam

Long story short we went to Disneyworld{best place ever!}
Long story long.... Keep reading
A member from Chad's mission and a dear angel hooked us up big time with two free days to DW, we wanted another day and we were feeling cheap so we decided to do a timeshare presentation to get the third day for free-by the way if you are planning to go to DW in the future this is a terrif way to get the hook up.

After 90-120 minutes we had our tickets.

Keep keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times, coming up is a bunch of pics from DW.

The thing that made our trip extra magical was when we were given invitations to a special party after the park closed. We got to stay and ride the rides after everyone else left{along with some other people} and dance with the characters

Walt himself could not have planned a better trip, we did so many fun things and have some great stories, too many to post- but I will tell you what I learned from our trip:

1- putting toilet paper in your kids shoes will make them tall enough for all rides

2- you can hold up a fake plastic card as credentials so you don't have to pay for parking

3- you can pretend your sister is your wife to get extra free tickets

4- If you get mad at the ride attendants enough they will give you two rides in a row

5- Mickey is really a girl, and Minnie sometimes looses her eye balls

6- and lastly the frozen bananas look good but alas they are horrible

It was a freakin-fun-tastic trip, Yea for Chabbie Johanlaw!