An Ode

I knew when I started posting birthdays somebody would fall through the cracks, I just didn't think it would be this terrific girl.

For pretty much my whole life anything fun, crazy or amazing that I ever experienced, Tiff was right there with me for it, When we were little we did everything together, we didn't play with friends we just played with each other. We have some fond memories of cruisin', 98degrees, and lots of shopping, she was even with my the first two times I met Chad. Tiff is the the most giving person I know, she is constantly looking for someone to help and serve. When I had my first miscarriage I received the biggest bouquet of flowers ever and the note said, "love your sisters" in her handwriting. I have a lot of sisters, which is great because I have one for every aspect of my life, they all fill my life with different things, but Tiffani especially holds a special place for me, probably because of everything we have done together, and as life goes on and is constantly changing the one thing that I know is she is always there. Happy Birthday last week, sorry I am late! I love you so much, you have given me the most perfect niece, wonderful hair, and a wonderful friend.

2 organic thoughts:

Tristan said...

Tiff's a great gal! Happy Birthday to her!

Nukaya said...

You made me cry when I read that. I think you talk me up alittle to much, but Thank you. YOur ode made my year. I Love you.