one year older

At officially 9:54 Saturday Night Milo turned 1.

Of course we had a party.

We started off by doing a little tie-dye

They turned out tremendous. We grilled up some sliders- mini burgers if you will.

And of all the presents Milo opened his favorite was this singing Simpsons card he got from my his Great-Grandma everytime he opened it he would laugh and stick his head in the card.

We come to the finale of watching Milo eat his first birthday cake. The party was fun and I can't believe my baby is one.

3 organic thoughts:

Aubree said...

He's adorable!! And it looks like you did a great job with his party. They grow up too fast!!

mckenna said...

Awwww!! Happy birthday Milo!! I swear life goes by faster and faster with each kid!

Tristan said...

Happy Birthday Milo!