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Long story short we went to Disneyworld{best place ever!}
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A member from Chad's mission and a dear angel hooked us up big time with two free days to DW, we wanted another day and we were feeling cheap so we decided to do a timeshare presentation to get the third day for free-by the way if you are planning to go to DW in the future this is a terrif way to get the hook up.

After 90-120 minutes we had our tickets.

Keep keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times, coming up is a bunch of pics from DW.

The thing that made our trip extra magical was when we were given invitations to a special party after the park closed. We got to stay and ride the rides after everyone else left{along with some other people} and dance with the characters

Walt himself could not have planned a better trip, we did so many fun things and have some great stories, too many to post- but I will tell you what I learned from our trip:

1- putting toilet paper in your kids shoes will make them tall enough for all rides

2- you can hold up a fake plastic card as credentials so you don't have to pay for parking

3- you can pretend your sister is your wife to get extra free tickets

4- If you get mad at the ride attendants enough they will give you two rides in a row

5- Mickey is really a girl, and Minnie sometimes looses her eye balls

6- and lastly the frozen bananas look good but alas they are horrible

It was a freakin-fun-tastic trip, Yea for Chabbie Johanlaw!

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Sharp Family said...

How fun! We went to DW last year for Christmas and I totally agree that it is the best place on earth!

Tristan said...

Looks like you had a blast!

mckenna said...

Looks like poor Milo missed out. He's going to hate you for that on day. ;)

Melissa & Cameron said...

Fun! DW is a lot of fun! But I'm going to have to go w/ DL as the best! jk! I'm glad you guys had a blast!

em + russ said...

i'm glad robbie felt comfortable bringing both his wives. that is so great.

Katrina said...

What a blast!

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