I am laying in bed this morning, Chad I guess has left for work and Milo is still asleep. As I am in and out of dreaming I can hear the TV on so I sense Gav is awake, a little while later Gavin comes in kind of crying, and he says "Mama Jeffery pooped on the floor and I tried to pick it up but it touched my hand so now I can't, will you come and pick it up." I told him no, and that it was his dog he needed to learn what it meant to help take care of Jeffery. So then the floodgates were opened and the high screechy cry he does that sounds like a girl. I said "what is the problem it is just a little piece of poop. Then still in his hisarical schreechy voice he said, It's gonna make me throw up. I then explained to him that you don't pick it up with your bare hand you get some toilet tissue and pick it up with that, he got even more histarical and started "I know but I am still gonna throw up." Trying not to laught I went in with him to the scene of the crime and saw two, count them two pieces of poop that were each one inch in length. I was going "Gav this is silly, you can do this'" All he could do is cry out "this is too disgusting, you are gonna make me throw up." Finally, through all my laughing I had to foceablly hold his hand over the tissue where underneath lay the two suspects and pick it up together, I am not kidding you had to have thought I was making him pick up a ball of death of something. It was funny for me and I think terrifing for him, hopefully I have not damaged him to much.



I finally got the pictures of the boys. I had there pictures taken at the first of the month. Katie Moss took the pictues, she owns Peekaboo Photography. It was so worth the money. I am so glad that we did it. Tiff and I had been looking for a couple months for someone that we liked, and I think we looked at everyone in the state of Utah. I fell in love with how she does photography, click on this to see her website and then click on her blog, you will love her work. She gave me about 50 proofs of the boys but here are just a few.


Putting babies to sleep

I don't know if anyone else has ever felt like I do. Most of the time I am happy to put my kids to bed because it has been a long day and I need some "me time". But then there are times like tonight, that I really don't want to let my kids fall to sleep. I just want them to stay little, I remeber a quote from Finding Neverland that said "young boys should never be sent to bed... they always wake up a day older". Tonight I felt very sad about my two sweet boys getting older, the thought of not always singing to them at night and tucking them in. My children are my happy place. Even though I know that the day will come for my mothering to change face, I will be grateful for the special moments that I get with them now.


Going out of my mind

I should have this tattooed to my forehead right now. I am in charge of Enrichment tonight, and I have not stopped to prepare for it in about a week, which doesn't sound like a long time, but for me it is. I will be so glad when it is over tonight.


Milo's new Trick

Don't you love it when you go in to get your child out of the crib after a nap and unexpectedly you walk in to see them standing up and sucking on the rail for the first time. I remember when Gav did it and Milo just did it last week for the first time. So cute! His other new trick is clapping, he even does it on cue all you have to do is say "Mi, do patty cake"

Adding another kid to the fam

Don't get any ideas, I am so not prego, but we did increase by one. His name is Jeffery and he is a Chihuahua, and I know what you are saying, "He doesn't look like a Chihuahua" but he is. His mom was like a fourth of some sort of terrier or something and so he is not purebred but he is so cute and tons of fun. He was a birthday present for Gavin, he turns five on Tuesday and the dog came a little early. I already said his name is Jeffery but let me tell you the other names he was before Jeffery. He started out at Debby, then it was Yoda, then Tutu and after Tutu was Aperbar, then came Kemper, then Jeffery, but after Jeffery I wanted to name him Devo, we also talked about Cougar, and Chad suggested Tito. I guess it is Jeffery, we told Gavin from the start he could name the dog and so even though Jeffery is not my fav I guess that is his name.


First Sign of Spring

We have the coolest trees in our yard. Two of them are some sort of berry producing tree that birds come from all over to eat. And the other two are curly willow trees. People are always stopping at my house and pulling off branches to use for decoration. We have a bunch of aspen trees that I am not a fan of and some ugly pine trees too, but since I don't like them I don't count them. Anyways, I was outside yesterday watching Gavin play football and noticed that teeny tiny leaves are growing on the trees. I am so excited. Finally, some sign of spring. I am so sick of this weather it makes me want to vomit. I am a summer person. If Chad would move, I would be somewhere that never got below 70 degrees. I can't wait for the trees to blossom. The berry trees get huge pink blossoms. I love that tree so much I took photographs of every season for a year and then blew them up and put them on my wall. I might take that tree with me when we move someday.

My Resturant Critique

I just got home from a restaurant in American Fork called Flour Girls & Dough Boys. It was SO disappointing. The atmosphere was so me, it has orange and white checkered floor and turquoise walls. Vintage chandeliers hang from the ceiling and there is a little sitting area by a fireplace. But the food was not good. First we waited for 25 minutes after we ordered our food. And this is not a sit down menu place, you order at the counter and wait for your food. So once we finally got our food I was really hoping it would be good. I got a chicken and avocado panini. not good. I also got a mint brownie. not good. This really makes me sad, because now that is just one more crappy restaurant I can add to the long list of ones we have here in Utah county. You can't decorate cute and expect the food to be good too. Okay enough venting, just though I would tell you all.



Tiffs shower is Saturday. She is having a girl, so I get to live vicariously through her. which is good, cause I would go bankrupt if I had my own daughter. A niece is enough for now. I am way excited but way stressed, because I am hosting it. 50 guests! I don't think all will come but I am still planning on a lot. Anyway, for her gifts Elisse and I made her the cutest quilt, (when it is done being quilted I will post a picture) and I also made her some outfits. I was surprised how much I like sewing. Previous to these outfits I had only really sew for Halloween, if you know me you know I start doing Halloween costumes in July or so and I get pretty into it. But I really liked doing the little dresses. I can't see myself sewing outfits for boys its easier to shop for them. But it was so fun to make cute girl things. p.s. sorry the pics are sideways I do not know how to turn them.

I am in trouble

Last night I was getting dinner ready/cleaning the kitchen. I had the dishwasher open and Milo was crawling aroung on the floor. I turned around to find this. Milo standing at the dishwasher. I couldn't believe it. Gavin crawled for a month or so before he started pulling himself up to things. But a WEEK! I can tell I am not going to be able to take my eyes off this kid for the next year or so.


I now think of things in terms of blogging. For instance, Friday night some friends of ours invited Chad and I to play poker with a bunch of other people. So we went and I played for the first time ever. But instead of just playing and leaving it at that. I of course thought to myself. "oh, this will be something I can put on my blog, Texas Hold em' two thumbs up." I know that is so lame. but I can't help it I totally do that. It's like I have chosen to narrate my life on the web. Sweet.


Okay so I found out today that two of my favorite things are gone forever. First I went to Good Earth to get some stuff and they told me that Fresh Food Junkies the sandwich shop inside Good Earth is closed. Are you kidding they made the best Vegitarian sandwich ever. I know I could make it at home, it was a bunch of veggies and cheese on wheat bread, but it is not the same. Which leads me to the other thing I will never get to taste again, and for the record will not ever be able to make myself. Purple Turtles coconut toppers. It is a soft serve icecream cone dipped into some sort of coconut wonder. I was craving them so badly once I called Purple Turtle at 9 in the morning and asked them to turn on the machine early so I could come in and get one. Everytime I went there I would buy and extra cup of it so that I could dip each bite of ice cream into the coconut topping. How can this be? I plan on calling Purple Turtle and dicussing this with the manager. You can't offer somthing for tons of years and suddenly take it away from the loyal patrons that consume it on a regular basis. As you can see I am very upset about it and I still need more time to heal.


As you can see from the picture, little lo is crawling now. What happened I swear we just brought him home from the hospital. It makes me sad that life goes by this fast. I can't use the excuse that I just had a baby for very much longer. Milo is super cute though, for the past few weeks he has been really grumpy and I think its been because he was so close to crawling but just not quite there so he would get frustrated, so I am glad now that at least he can be happy. As for me, well my freedom is GONE! You will find me tomorrow at Target to get one of those gate things. Oh well, such is life.