Okay so I found out today that two of my favorite things are gone forever. First I went to Good Earth to get some stuff and they told me that Fresh Food Junkies the sandwich shop inside Good Earth is closed. Are you kidding they made the best Vegitarian sandwich ever. I know I could make it at home, it was a bunch of veggies and cheese on wheat bread, but it is not the same. Which leads me to the other thing I will never get to taste again, and for the record will not ever be able to make myself. Purple Turtles coconut toppers. It is a soft serve icecream cone dipped into some sort of coconut wonder. I was craving them so badly once I called Purple Turtle at 9 in the morning and asked them to turn on the machine early so I could come in and get one. Everytime I went there I would buy and extra cup of it so that I could dip each bite of ice cream into the coconut topping. How can this be? I plan on calling Purple Turtle and dicussing this with the manager. You can't offer somthing for tons of years and suddenly take it away from the loyal patrons that consume it on a regular basis. As you can see I am very upset about it and I still need more time to heal.

3 organic thoughts:

Aubree said...

I have never had either one of those things, but I am sure it must be very disheartening!!

The Ralls Family said...

Welcome to the blogging world!! Beware: It can consume ALL your free time!! How have you been? It's been a long time! I still think we should get together. I'll probably keep saying that until we actually do. Keep in touch!


Tristan said...

Hey! Blogging is THE best! I am sorry to hear that some of your favorite things are going away. That's a bummer!

This will be great becasue now we can keep in touch through blogging!