another weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had one of those that was so eventful I need another weekend to relax from it. To start I attended my friends wonderful Recessionista party. I still don't fully fit into my regular clothes so it was nice to pick up some "in between" stuff. I also bought this print that will hang in my kitchen. (for the record I am not a fan on prints about cooking in the kitchen, so cliche but it a french clown is involved I am all for it.)
The next night I headed out with four other gals looking for a little culture. We found it by way of Guru's and the International Cinema at BYU.
Having not reached my fill Chad and I toted the three boys to a Jazz game. Which was fun but not as fun as it could have been considering the fact that we chose to take all three boys. (I can't complain, all three did really well, and you have to start them young, right?)
I have to say while this was an eventful and fun weekend, it did make me thankful for the weekends that all I do is hang around the house.



I like to measure growth not by weeks but by accomplishments.

August is now too big to be bathed in the kitchen sink (does anyone else do this?) and so he has graduated to laying in about two inches of water and kicking around to his hearts delight.

He also has started my favorite mannerism...SMILING!!

Milo is all about dressing himself right now, not once a day roughly nine times a day. Every outfit is a creation. Apparently backwards is really in right now.

Gavin FINALLY has one of his two front teeth growing in. I was starting to believe they didn't exist, and he would be toothless forever.



So I am sure that none of you look like this EVER. But one thing I hate about blogs is we get a controlled window into peoples lives. For the most part we don't post about having bad days, or sick days, or boring days. We post about accomplishments, projects, trips, outings, etc. Which I do love to hear about but I often think that we all give everyone a warped perception of our reality. So in an effort to bring you a not so "controlled" view of my life I letting it all hang out. This is what I look like today, I have been sick for the past three days and today is the first day I can say my symptoms are on the decline. And the thought of a shower before 3:00 seemed reasonable until of course August decided not to sleep unless I held him, I forgot Gavin had school and had to rush him to get ready and drive him to the bus stop (yes dressed like this bathrobe and all) and then Milo decided (rather vehemently aka temper tantrum ) that he can't live unless he watches Alvin and the Chipmunks on YouTube which means I have to be close by every 6 mins or so because I can't really let my 2 yr old loose on YouTube now can I. And so once I get lunch for everyone and then settle Milo down for some sort of mind numbing program on T.V. and get August to sleep I think I just will get that shower.
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just some thoughts

It has been one solid week of sickness at our house. Chad and I are the last to have whatever we have and hopefully it will be over soon. I have been thinking though about new chapters in life. So many people around me (including myself) are experiencing this. My sister is expecting #2, my other sister just got married, a friend just quit her job to be a full time mom. I always have a tendency to try and make my new chapters not happen ( I am not one for change) but I then find out once it happens it is for the best. Please tell me I am not the only person that does this and why do I? some clarity would be nice.


I will never and I will always

The truth...

1-I will never be the mom that spends hours on decorating treats for my kids class.
2-I will never be good at taking prenatal vitamins or finishing a prescription or taking it when I am supposed to.
3- I won't ever have kids that sit quietly during the entire sacrament meeting. (I will keep trying though)
4- I will never let chad stiff a waiter no matter how bad the service is.
5- I will never let anyone come before me, after all if I am not 100% how can I help anyone else be.

1- I will always tell my husband and my kids I love them every time they walk out the door, even if they are just going to the neighbours.
2- I will always color my hair. (No I am not a natural blonde...anymore.)
3- I will always take an opportunity for a Sunday nap...(unless it is Chad's turn.)
4- I will always give you my opinion.
5- I will always listen to the advice of people and then make my own choice.

This is a tag and so the 5 people I choose are...drum roll
5- cricket


photo op

My friend came to help me take some pictures of Gus. This because in a moment of insanity after kiddie kandids closed I took him to JC Penny photo-BIG MISTAKE! These ones, that we took on my own couch turned out WAY better. Seriously all you need is time, patience and a good camera.

(I know there is picture up there twice but I am trying to work out kinks in my editing)

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little boots

August is getting so big so fast, so I had to put him in these boots before it was too late. I bought them at the last Bijou Market, and I had to custom order them because my kids always have such big feet. I thought however that Gus would get to wear them a few times, but no they are already tight and don't stay on. I swear he will grow up to be a giant!
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