{red dress thrifted ,augusts shoes old navy]

Growing up L.D.S. means that your 8th birthday is by far the most exciting because you get Baptised! I can't even go into my feelings of having my oldest child now accountable for his choices, but I do have to say that Gav has been doing a pretty good job! He is a great example for is younger brothers and a super help to me, I am always saying "everyone needs an 8 year old"

the Flea

As Promised...

If you are reading this you are personally invited to the FLEA!

This is for everyone! What makes the Flea so successful is people of all shapes, sizes and styles coming. Please don't think that your wardrobe is not cute enough or your sizes are too big, because trust me they aren't. I have found great stuff when I was pregnant and weighed 200lbs, when I was 180lbs and when I have weighed 140lbs. Because something that you are tired of wearing or looking at in your house, might just make someones day! If you have any questions let me know! See ya there!



Bijou Market's mantra is finding and showcasing the best local talent. Well we have found yet another avenue to do this. We are looking for a new logo and if you think you can come up with something that represents us and of course is amazing send it in. The details are of course at Bijoumarket.com.

Spread the word, the search is on!