part 2

We three were super excited to have Yan be a part of Bijou Market.

If you bijoued too, check out her blog to see yourself. click here

turning 8

We have had pirate parties, swimming parties, wiggles parties, dart gun parties, skating parties, and oh so many other parties, this year Gavin wanted to have a Dodgeball party. Let me tell you coming from one that has overseen many a party that this is the EASIEST party to have EVER!!

Step 1- Reserve your local church or recreation center

Step 2- Purchase or borrow 5-10 dodgeballs

Step 3- Purchase every kid a water bottle to use at the party {also doubles as a take home gift}

Step 4- Fill a water cooler with Gatorade to keep the little kiddos hydrated

That's it. The kids loved it and even Chad and I got in the action. We did donuts and root beer ice cream bars {Gav's favorite} after the dodgeball was over. Super easy, super fun and most definitely on the cheap side.


Oh now I get it!

It all started a month ago at Emily's house, we were doing a Bijou something or other and the boys started playing "tag". Gus would chase Hayes and then Hayes would chase Gus, of course it didn't matter if they were chasing or being chased they were laughing the entire time. It was like they noticed each other for the first time ever, and they haven't looked back since. So when Hayes got his new bike we simply had to figure a way to make it a bicycle built for two.

look at that hack job

I appreciate the reassuring words from all of you that Gus's hair can't be that bad, let me assure you -IT IS THAT BAD. Don't believe me well here you go.

The good news is that one week later it is not so noticeable. The bad news is that I am realizing I am a tad on the shallow side when it comes to my kids hair. Maybe I have been watching too much Tangled.



I know you are waiting for my Bijou Market review. Rest assured it or they rather are on their way. In the meantime

My weekend in numbers

2-inches I accidentally cut from August's "bangs"

6.5- hours of church and meetings I attended on Sunday

17- times August went down the big slide by himself

17- times I anxiously held my breath while August went down the big slide by himself

2- number of goals Chad scored in his soccer game

11-donuts consumed in one day

42- times I had to calm myself after starting to think about Gavin turning 8

3- number of times Chad got bit in the leg by a random dog at the park

62- Bijou Market checks ready for the mail

1- really great weekend.

Happy Monday! {such an oxymoron}


Part 1

Bijou Market was too grand to just talk about in one sitting so you will be getting it all in sections.

Thank you, Thank you to everyone who made Bijou terrific! And I do have to say it was terrific! We had so many fresh new crafters and our veterans brought there "A" games.

Made by Jewels is a veteran vendor that started selling fabric covered earrings and has expanded to so many wonderful things namely these darling earrings that she graciously gifted me.

{thanks for letting me snag this pic em, my earrings are black with gold}

At our last Bijou Market, 5th & Hazel sold out of her darling cards on the first day. This time around she didn't just stop at cards she expanded to the best little prints. Thanks Melanie!

One of my favorite new vendors was most defineltly Lady Hue. Her pieces are amazing, they have so much depth. I would love to own an original but for now I will be happy with a print.



Drum roll...

Congrats Dari! Isn't winning the best.


lost and found

Chad got a new laptop and when he brought his old one into retirement at our house I found a treasure of photos, forgot about or never seen. Some of my favs...

Clockwise from the top left:

~Milo helping with the groceries

~ first photo of my three boys

~ the most awesome man I have ever seen walking around Disneyworld

~ Emily and I looking at a location for Bijou Market oh so long ago

~ baby August only seconds on the earth

~ picking apples at Grandpa West's orchard

Nothing like random photos to make my day.

See you tomorrow at Bijou Market!

catching up

Life gets going so fast for me and pretty soon I look around and realize that I have not seen some of my most favorite people for far too long. The best way to remedy said situation is with heaping dose of High School besties.

These darlings have invited me to most everything for the past three years and this is the first thing I have been to in far too long. Truly I won't let life get in the way again of checking in these gals.