Good Humor

You are in the middle of something very important and then out of nowhere you hear it, the one sound that seems to complete the very essence of Summer... the ice cream truck.

The only problem is after you grab your money and run down the street to find said truck you only become more confused as to where the music is coming from. This is what happened to Gavin. After about 15 mins of running up and down the neighborhood looking for the elusive summer icon, my little 6 year old was left to settle for Otter Pops in the fridge.

It's okay we will get him next time.


A Wedding

I want to say Congrats to Sharlene and Paul for the nuptials on the 16th. It is so comforting to see someone find true happiness . Welcome to the family Paul.

We just returned from Lake Powell...

We had a blast and it won't be too soon if I never see a raven or hear Hot and Cold by Katy Perry ever again.

Right after we got back it was time for me to celebrate turning 26!

What better way to celebrate than the Zoo
No trip to the Zoo is complete without the train ride

Or one of these pics

The cougar and I share the same birthday coincidence? I think not.

Then cake and ice cream
How do you gracefully bow out candles?

The watching Gidget on the projector.


Two things

I don't know how many of you do a garden but I have to say that every year I get a total thrill when the plants become fruit. I have no green thumb whatsoever but I still love it. This year has been a struggle but I was so excited when I went out today and found these waiting for me.

To date we have received from our garden as follows

6 Strawberries

1 Bell Pepper

4 carrots

8 Radishes

I know that on a scale of plentiful gardens ours is on the lame side. But I am still proud, also I still have one tomato plant that has to do something.


Tomorrow is Chick-fil-a's annual dress like a cow and get a free meal day. I know that this sounds so stupid, but Tiff and I did it last year and I was a lot of laughs and worth the two minutes of feeling kinda idiotic to get a free meal, also you can dress the kids up too and they get a free meal as well. It isn't hard we drew black circles on post-it's and stuck them to ourselves and then took them off as soon as we ordered. You can go to Chick-fil-a's website here to print templates of cow masks to wear. So call up your girlfriends and go get a free lunch on Chick-fil-a.


Sundance Part two

Just a little note. Due to the fact that Mother Nature literally rained on our parade, make sure to check out Motley Handmade goods at the Sundance Harvest Market.