End of summer

Iron and Wine was last week, and yes I did attend.

Our friends the Frames and Us fought through what can only be described as a hot mess of people, but it was worth it. We had fun and I will not let all next summer go by before I frequent the Gallivan Center on a Thursday Night.


Thanks is in order

I have had to go back to work for the past week, and I don't think that my prego body is agreeing with it. I come home totally exhausted and for the past two days I have been feeling sick. I have not been able to do much as far as cleaning goes, so I just want everyone to know how glad I am for Chad. Not only has he kept up on the laundry for me this past week, he has made dinner,and cleaned the house and put the kids to bed for the past three nights. Chad is probably the most hands on husband as far as house cleaning goes anyway, but it is especially nice to know that when you feel like crap { is that actually as symptom} you can count on the other half to pick up your slack. Thanks babe.


Merry Christmas, Mama's Nightmare

Christmas came early this year for Gavin, by way of our friend Russ giving him a Go Kart. I was fine after being assured that Chad would be driving it with him, then I came outside on day two of the Go Kart to see this...

Key the Heart attack.

{Just so you all know Chad taught him how to drive and he only rides in our cul-de-sac}


Happy campers

I have never been that much of a camper, and this year my family decided that our family reunion was going to be just that.

We had a great time aside from the rain {why of all days in the summer does it rain on the one weekend you go camping}

We hiked Cascade Springs and I had to get a picture by this burnt up Tree, it is huge.

Celeste and Milo were pretty happy that there was a break in the rain.

Milo wore this headband one whole night, we couldn't get him to take it off.

The four of us slept in a two man tent. We are not close just for the picture this is how we slept{or tried to sleep rather} all night.

Fishing in your pajamas what could honestly be better?


Born in the Gravy

After much anticipation and going to check the list only about 8 times they finally posted the Kindergarten class lists, and boy was he relieved to see that he made it {I didn't have the heart to tell him that everyone makes it into Kindergarten, it isn't a tryout.}

But what made him throw his hands in the air was the name directly below his, it was his best friend Carson, I have been preparing him all summer that they probably would not end up in the same class, shows you how much I know.


Ultrasound confirmed yesterday that this baby number three is most definitely endowed with the boy parts. We are both super excited and couldn't be happier, Gavin on the other hand wanted a sister REALLY bad, but I am sure he will come around.


Oh the things you can think

Months and months ago I found these darling crocheted doilies at IKEA. I put some on clips for my hair, a friend put some on headbands, and another friend but them on t-shirts for her daughter. It seems the possibilities are endless for these little notions. So I still have some left and I want some more ideas. So feel free to leave me a post and let me know what I should do. Or better yet go buy some at IKEA {they are in the fabric section downstairs} and do something fun with them.

IKEA put them on pillows


My random man

Milo is very distinctive on how he likes things. I have always said that I want to teach my kids to be independent and original. I am learning that Milo marches to the beat of his own drum and it isn't because of anything I have taught him, he just came that way. My latest examples...

#1 Milo always wants a cookie, but for some reason he won't eat the cookie unless he can hold the entire package of cookies. He only eats the one cookie but while he is doing it he carries the package around with him.

#2 The first thing Milo asks for in the morning is usually a peanut butter sandwich. Every time I make it he then asks me for a plate, and once he has the plate he asks for a fork and then eats the sandwich with the fork.

#3 I made my weekly DI trip the other day and I told the boys that if they were good they could pick out a toy. Gavin picked a yo-yo and Milo went to the kitchen isle and picked out four pieces of silverware. We tried the rest of the time to get him to change his mind to something more kid friendly but he wouldn't have it, he wanted the silverware. He played with them all day, I was amazed how many ways you could play with a knife, fork and spoon.


Aug 20th don't miss it

I have missed all of the Twilight Concert Series this summer. And I am determined not to miss the last one. There are only three left and the next two I am glad to pass on {not really in the mood to see Q-tip, or some reggae band.} But the last one will be good, it is Iron + Wine {a favorite on my iTunes rotation} I am posting about this now in case there are those like me who have let the summer pass them by need a little reminder to get out and do something good. Check back to see the post after I go.

No this is not Jesus, it's Sam Beam a.k.a Iron and Wine




I do vinyl lettering and wall art as a side business and for the past month I have had to refer out orders due to the fact that my little machine decided it was done working. But I am happy to report that I have found a way back into her heart and she is working for me again. YEAH!!!! So to all of you who have asked for things and I have told you to wait while I get her fixed. SHE IS!!!!!


back to school, back to school

I forget how much I like this time of year. I remember when I was little and school clothes shopping was the highlight of the end of summer. My Mom and Grandma would take me and my sisters up to Salt Lake and we would shop all day long. We would buy our shoes at what I thought was a very fancy shoe store {fancy because a man came and measured your foot then went into the back to get the shoe you had selected.} we would eat lunch at the deli in the basement of ZCMI. It was always a magical day with of course a final stop at everyone's favorite VF Factory outlet with more jeans than the eye can see. Now I am finding that I love this time of year even more than when I was little because I get to take my own kids school clothes shopping. Here is a taste of what Gavin and I will be deciding on... {and yes gavin and I discuss each piece of clothing, he has quite the distinctive taste.}

I have been a fan of the button up cardigan for a while now but I love how this one is very casual and everyday.

Gavin loves to wear button ups with rolled up sleeves on a daily basis, and this one is perfect.

This Military Jacket is a must and already on its way to my house.

Gavin's favorite thing is a vest he adds them to EVERY outfit.

These boots are great for boys because they can wear them to school and then on Sunday to church.