Happy campers

I have never been that much of a camper, and this year my family decided that our family reunion was going to be just that.

We had a great time aside from the rain {why of all days in the summer does it rain on the one weekend you go camping}

We hiked Cascade Springs and I had to get a picture by this burnt up Tree, it is huge.

Celeste and Milo were pretty happy that there was a break in the rain.

Milo wore this headband one whole night, we couldn't get him to take it off.

The four of us slept in a two man tent. We are not close just for the picture this is how we slept{or tried to sleep rather} all night.

Fishing in your pajamas what could honestly be better?

4 organic thoughts:

Cameron and Melissa Johansson said...

Looks like you guys had fun!

Ralph and Paula said...

Camping in the rain - a reunion you will always remember and smile about! Looks like you had fun.

Susan said...

It ALWAYS rained when we went camping. I don't know if it would feel like camping if it didn't. Although I have to confess I'm a bit glad my camping days are behind me ... I guess I need creature comforts (like beds) in my old age!

Aubree said...

Love it!! It's good to see you out camping my dear.