Born in the Gravy

After much anticipation and going to check the list only about 8 times they finally posted the Kindergarten class lists, and boy was he relieved to see that he made it {I didn't have the heart to tell him that everyone makes it into Kindergarten, it isn't a tryout.}

But what made him throw his hands in the air was the name directly below his, it was his best friend Carson, I have been preparing him all summer that they probably would not end up in the same class, shows you how much I know.

3 organic thoughts:

US said...

It makes me sad (and happy) that gavy wavy is growning up and going to kindygarten.:)

US said...
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Ralph and Paula said...

Kindergarten is so much fun - except the first week of testing when they don't get to go but everyone else does. What fun beginnings!