My random man

Milo is very distinctive on how he likes things. I have always said that I want to teach my kids to be independent and original. I am learning that Milo marches to the beat of his own drum and it isn't because of anything I have taught him, he just came that way. My latest examples...

#1 Milo always wants a cookie, but for some reason he won't eat the cookie unless he can hold the entire package of cookies. He only eats the one cookie but while he is doing it he carries the package around with him.

#2 The first thing Milo asks for in the morning is usually a peanut butter sandwich. Every time I make it he then asks me for a plate, and once he has the plate he asks for a fork and then eats the sandwich with the fork.

#3 I made my weekly DI trip the other day and I told the boys that if they were good they could pick out a toy. Gavin picked a yo-yo and Milo went to the kitchen isle and picked out four pieces of silverware. We tried the rest of the time to get him to change his mind to something more kid friendly but he wouldn't have it, he wanted the silverware. He played with them all day, I was amazed how many ways you could play with a knife, fork and spoon.

2 organic thoughts:

em ♥ muffin said...

i love this kid sooo much. this is just this tip of the iceberg with his quirks.

The Oylers said...

Oh that is so dang cute! Yep, you have an original there in Milo! love Lauralyn