Thanks is in order

I have had to go back to work for the past week, and I don't think that my prego body is agreeing with it. I come home totally exhausted and for the past two days I have been feeling sick. I have not been able to do much as far as cleaning goes, so I just want everyone to know how glad I am for Chad. Not only has he kept up on the laundry for me this past week, he has made dinner,and cleaned the house and put the kids to bed for the past three nights. Chad is probably the most hands on husband as far as house cleaning goes anyway, but it is especially nice to know that when you feel like crap { is that actually as symptom} you can count on the other half to pick up your slack. Thanks babe.

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The Oylers said...

You are lucky to have such a great hubby!!!! I'm so sorry you are feeling awful! Hang in there! love you!! Lauralyn