for freeeeee

One week from today I should see you at Bijou Market. But if you are one of the few that has yet to embark on the utterly blissful experience that is Bijou Market, here is a little incentive...


These three items have been handpicked by yours truly, just for you. A mini Ninja by Radseams~Set of 3 lunch trays by Blue Door~Bar of Soap from Beehive Soap

How to win:

- leave a comment

- Follow or subscribe to Bijou Market & leave a comment letting me know you have

- RSVP on facebook {click here} and leave an additional comment letting me know that you RSVP

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- Do all of them to up your chances

Good Luck all!

Giveaway closes Midnight April 4th

Remember Bijou Market is April 8th & 9th. It won't disappoint... I promise


another use for laundry baskets

Like every mom, I am constantly worried that my kiddos are not getting enough fruit and veggies. Gavin is pretty good, he hates french fries {seriously} but the other two fall into the " a fry is a vegetable right?" column. Here is my solution. Bountiful Baskets.

A produce co-op; you pay a $15 "contribution" on Monday and pick up your produce Saturday morning. You get plenty and each week it is different so my kids get to try things that I wouldn't normally buy.

Last week we received- green beans, asparagus, cauliflower, tomatoes, garlic, lettuce, apples, strawberries, blackberries, pineapple, and cantaloupe.

Just a note we to the co-op every other week, our family of 5 can't get through all the fruit and veggies in a week. But I did talk to a mother of 7 and she buys two baskets a week. Hopefully that will help you gauge how much you need. If you have any questions leave a comment.

it's electric

Looking out my window as I write this I see about an inch of SNOW on the ground. Normally I would be cursing the snow, but my kids have colds so we are home bound today anyways. And this cold weather gives me an excuse to use my very favorite thing...

{sunbeam imperial nights dual heated electric blanket}

I have been wrapped up with it all day today. Until it is 80 degrees after the sun goes down I will be sleeping with this baby every night too. It was a Christmas gift from chad {it might have been diamonds for how excited I got}because I am ALWAYS cold and nothing keeps me toasty like my new best friend.


self taught and no lessons thank you very much

When Chad and I were in Florida some months ago we ate at this little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, that was Uh-mazing! This was Chad's attempt to document our outing.

And here is my one and only attempt. Obviously I have mastered self photography.



Church is always an experience. Some of my favorite moments from today-

~~While singing Love at Home noticing Milo leading the music with one hand and following along to The First Noel with the other hand.~~
~~After 40 mins of containment watching August go to each aisle, wave and say "ha" {his version of hi}~~
~~Apologizing 12 times to the people behind us for the constant stream of church bag paraphernalia August launched at them. ~~
~~Watching everyone in the ward take turns with their chance to hold August {honestly he may never have to go to Nursery with all the people that ask me if they can take him}~~
~~Realizing that for the first time since I was put in Primary, everything went smoothly today~~
~~Reminding Chad that showing the boys the sliding thumb trick is not reverent~~
~~Realizing that sooner than I think everything mentioned above will only be a distant memory and I will be the one sitting with my husband behind a young family and wish I could do it all over again. ~~

Happy Sunday Everyone!


hiding place

This is August's new favorite storage compartment. He keeps all his favorite things in here.

- cars
- balls
-my cell phone
- blocks
- food
- money
- shoes
-toy bowling pins
Tomorrow we will be taking apart one of the toliets to retrieve a stuck ball



Some people call it dramatic, some call it intense but I call it passionate; and to say this kid is passionate is an understatement.

{the only way I could get him to wear that sweater was to take a picture of him}

We are sitting at In & Out one night eating and Gavin is sitting across from me DEVOURING his burger, complete with eye rolls, noises and rocking back and forth. The dialog was as follows...
Gavin: {in a loud overly excited voice}This is the best Hamburger I have ever had in my entire life!
Me and Chad: Good, now just eat
Gavin: This is so good I just want to stand on my chair and tell everyone how good this is!
Me and Chad: No Gav, you don't need to to that, sit down.
Gavin: This is so good I want to pay someone!
Me and Chad: We already did pay someone when we bought it
Gavin: No, this is so good I want to give someone a tip, someone who works here should get a tip for making this hamburger!
Me and Chad: {no dialog, just silence and an exchange of awkward and confused glances}
It is nice to have someone in the family who enjoys life as much as I do!