Church is always an experience. Some of my favorite moments from today-

~~While singing Love at Home noticing Milo leading the music with one hand and following along to The First Noel with the other hand.~~
~~After 40 mins of containment watching August go to each aisle, wave and say "ha" {his version of hi}~~
~~Apologizing 12 times to the people behind us for the constant stream of church bag paraphernalia August launched at them. ~~
~~Watching everyone in the ward take turns with their chance to hold August {honestly he may never have to go to Nursery with all the people that ask me if they can take him}~~
~~Realizing that for the first time since I was put in Primary, everything went smoothly today~~
~~Reminding Chad that showing the boys the sliding thumb trick is not reverent~~
~~Realizing that sooner than I think everything mentioned above will only be a distant memory and I will be the one sitting with my husband behind a young family and wish I could do it all over again. ~~

Happy Sunday Everyone!

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