When we told my Aunt that we were naming our second child Milo, she told us that on the eastern side of the world where she lives everyone drinks Milo, fast forward two years later when she came for a visit and the sweetheart that she is brought Milo some Milo.

Milo especially liked eating the Milo candy bar.

I don't do Birthday posts anymore because I have to many family members and I can't keep up but I did want to tell everyone that my darling sister Celeste is officially 16 today!!! And as a side note she already has two dates lined up for this weekend.

Another thing- If you are like me, you now are locked in to a nine year subscription to LUCKY due to the fact that all your favorite magazines shut down and they have transferred your subscription.
I have to say I was really liking last months fashion spread.

There is nothing I hate more than seeing a spread you LOVE and realizing you will have to go shopping to achieve any one look. I love when I can shop from my closet!
Seriously I think everyone can pull off these classic looks! See the full layout here.



Gavin is 7 today!

I am so thankful for this one he is such a blast. There aren't many 7 year olds that can keep up with adults, he is super funny and super smart. He asked for work gloves, goggles, and a journal for his birthday{oh so random} and when a friend asked him what he wanted, Gavin told him that he wanted a gift card so he could go shopping. {so my child} If you know him you love him and if you don't you probably should, cuz this kid is the best.



Milo got into my bag this morning, got out some of my lipstick and started putting it on me. As he was putting it on me he said "Mom, you look pretty, pretty, pretty. You look like Susan."

I guess Milo's idea of beauty is a 50 foot tall woman with silver hair.


recess, naps and walks

Milo cries everyday when Gavin leaves for school. And when I go down to help at the school, Milo feels right at home sitting with all the kids for carpet time or at a table to "help" with some activity. Friday was an extra special day though because he got to have recess with the kindergarten class too. How is he going to wait one more year for preschool?

Also I don't know why my children do this but they all have.
This is what August looks like when he awake

And this is what he looks like when he is asleep.
He can't fall asleep unless his face is covered.

Milo and Dempsey are officially Double Trouble. They were playing in the yard and decided to take a walk down to the park next to Tiffs house, the only thing is they didn't tell us and when we found them they were those two little dots you see by the playground.



I don't like dandelions expect...

when two little boys pick them for me and bring them to me like this

Spring break '10

We spent a couple nights in our favorite weekend town Park City {it is far enough away that you feel like you are on vay cay but close enough that it is easy to get away}

The first night was some much needed C&R time {no photo's for that, sorry} the next day we met up with Chad's mom in SLC to get the boys and took them to the Church History Museum. If you have never taken the time to go there, DO IT! Chad had never been, so I took him and he was amazed at all the stuff they have there. Plus they have a great exhibit for kids upstairs.

For dinner we ate at The Lift & Lounge in PC, I highly recommend it.

Thanks Chad for the great holiday!

Easter part 2

These three are too cute not to post. This was after the Easter egg hunt at Grandpa Ray & Grandma Dear's house.
{picture 12 adults filming and taking pictures of three little kids finding a million eggs}

Two of my cute sisters.
And look what I found when I was downloading my photos off my camera, funny girls.


Easter Weekend

If I could vote it would be that Easter NOT fall on conference weekend{I like to enjoy each one separately}. As I am sure with all of you, this weekend was nuts, but also a blast! This post is all Saturday {Sunday will be in another post}

Easter Egg Hunt at Grandma & Grandpa Hebberts
I love, love this picture of these two
we made buckets a la modge podge
Visiting Millie at work also on ladies night
{G told me we have to call LN something else cause he is not a lady}
{at 10 pm of course}
My eggs look like M&M's thanks to her
That is G's tough face
And that is M's embarrassed face


paperbag bunny

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. A little something from Gavin...
{turn off the music before you play the video}

Happy Easter!!!

we've got spirit yes we do...

Today was crazy hair day at Gavin's school. We went for school spirit with the blue.

And speaking of school spirit, I made this sign for my sister to celebrate hee just being elected to Spirit Chair at my old stomping ground PGHS.