Art 101

The biggest thing I miss about elementary school is art. I had the most amazing teacher Mr.Watson. He taught me everything about art. To love it, to learn about it and to live it. Still to this day I can remember things I learned about Seurat, Degas, Lautrec, Picasso, Monet, Klimt- I could go on and on. The point is it wasn't until I had my own children that I learned not every 2nd through 6th grader gets to learn so in depth about artists and their art. Loving the art was one thing though, having the ability to create is another. I do not think of myself as an artist but I do have to say that pulling out paints and brushes and painting whatever I feel like is extremely satisfying and even a little therapeutic.

Emily and I decided to do just that last week. I have always been more drawn to abstract and impressionist art thankfully so is Emily and we decided to paint one of our own.
(please no critiques, I am in no way a professional, I just do what I feel and love)

To make your own:
acrylic paints
- something stiff to drag paint
(we used several pieces of cardboard, a plastic cutting mat and even a credit card)
-clear poly coat for shine when finished.

The secret is to use more paint that you think you need. Squeeze the paint where you want it...

then drag along canvas. I used several techniques, just do what you feel.

There really is not right or wrong, I love Emily's circles (done with the credit card)
in the end I have something that I really love to look at.

What I love about our little art project is that we used the same techniques and came out with two completely different works of art.


bring on spring

The secret to my spring wardrobe this year is two fold. Part one: SHOP MY CLOSET. I really don't do this enough I can't tell you how many times I have been surprised to "re discover" items in my closet. Which brings me to part two: add a few key pieces.

A great way to make a statement is by color blocking. This top does all the work for you and I also love the shape and how light and airy it is.

The bright color of this bag is amazing. I must be rebelling against huge "I have three kids and can take everything with me" bag, because I have been carrying this type more and more, but my closet is screaming for this wonderful orange that surprisingly goes with so many things.
When I need an instant look I add a blazer. Honestly it works with everything dresses, skirts, pants and I under the right circumstances, shorts. I almost have one in every color it seems but my closet does lack one in white. Something I will remedy thanks to this great blazer from Zara. White is so versatile and so crisp. I can't wait to get this baby in rotation.

Candy colors are screaming spring this year and these jeans from F21 are perfect. I don't normally wear a lot of pink but I am thinking about making an exception this spring. These pants will also look great with a contrasting belt.

These color blocked sandals are a perfect mix, the brown makes them neutral enough to wear with oh so many things and the shots of color give them a fun edge.

Happy almost spring and remember SHOP YOUR CLOSET!!!



Tucking your kids in, reading to them from favorite books, singing the same songs that your mom sang to you, exchanging kisses and hugs and then turning off the light and then relaxing peacefully on the couch as wonderful thoughts of gratitude for your angelic children meander through your head.


Lets get real for a moment, bedtime at our house is not even close to this. Our usual bedtime routine is as follows. The moment either Chad or I announce that bedtime is at hand, and eruption of whining, complaining and immediate hunger ensues. I am not sure what part of "it is time for bed" makes small boys instantly starving, but at our house like clockwork this is what happens. So after a bartering of sorts in the kitchen, ( I am not going to cook you a quesadilla or make Mac & Cheese for a bedtime snack) we are off to the bathroom for teeth brushing.

Teeth brushing is not a difficult task for our family, the kids love it. The thing they dread is fluoride. My boys act as though I am asking them to jump through a flaming hoop when I tell them they need to swish the bubblegum flavored liquid in their mouths one minute.

Then it is story time. We have hundreds of children's books in our house and it always baffles me that our kids tend to pick the same few books. Which is fine because some of them have been read so many times I can recite them from memory. I actually love reading to the kids. It seems most nights we are reading something by Mo Willems or Dr. Suess and laughing the entire time.

This next part of bedtime is more a challenge than anything. When we have the kids all settled into their beds and tucked in, I turn off the lights and sing one song to each of the boys. I love singing to my kids, the challenge comes from what I have to sing to appease them. I would been fine with any number of Primary songs etc. But my kids want me to make up songs about Star Wars, Indiana Jones and BYU. I regularly rap to Wheels on the Bus, and one time I even sang the ABC's backward.

Que the least favorite ingredient of our bedtime recipe. Chad and I sitting on the couch as we hear the kids yell into us, "I need a drink," "Mom, Milo won't stop talking," "What are you watching?" "Can Milo and I sleep in the same bed?" " I need my other blanket" And one or both of us responding with "go to bed," "stop talking and go to bed," "don't make me come in there, go to bed!"

Finally sitting on the couch at the end of the nightly ordeal hearing nothing but silence, does make me grateful. Grateful for one more day to do it all again, and because I know that some years from now I am going to wish I could sing my made up song about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. It is a crazy chaos our life, but how lucky I am to be a part of it. And honestly how boring would life be if our kids were angels all the time.


pick me up

Have you ever looked at the free section of your local classified ads? Every once in a while I check it out, mostly for the laugh but every now and again you actually run into some amazing stuff.
I know, this mattress is anything but amazing. In fact it is absolutely disgusting. I am always in awe that people will take the time to see if anyone wants their, lets be honest, crap. I promised though that there was actually some good finds. Here are a few I found recently.

If you are up for a little DIY project this desk is yours and best of all it is FREE!!
The possibilities are endless for this pallet. And if you don't get this one there are lots of others. (on my local classifieds)

How many places could you hang this old piece of glass?
This King size headboard is good to go the way that it is, I would feel guilty taking it for free.

I think my favorite part about the free section is the reminder to me that there are kind people out there, and that they just want to help someone out. Whether it is baby formula, half used hairspray(true story) or a couch. It is true what they say one man's trash is another man's treasure...sort of. Happy Hunting.
(p.s. I apologize that the pictures are so tiny, if you are local and are interested in any of the above everything was found on KSL.com in the free category of the classifieds)