pick me up

Have you ever looked at the free section of your local classified ads? Every once in a while I check it out, mostly for the laugh but every now and again you actually run into some amazing stuff.
I know, this mattress is anything but amazing. In fact it is absolutely disgusting. I am always in awe that people will take the time to see if anyone wants their, lets be honest, crap. I promised though that there was actually some good finds. Here are a few I found recently.

If you are up for a little DIY project this desk is yours and best of all it is FREE!!
The possibilities are endless for this pallet. And if you don't get this one there are lots of others. (on my local classifieds)

How many places could you hang this old piece of glass?
This King size headboard is good to go the way that it is, I would feel guilty taking it for free.

I think my favorite part about the free section is the reminder to me that there are kind people out there, and that they just want to help someone out. Whether it is baby formula, half used hairspray(true story) or a couch. It is true what they say one man's trash is another man's treasure...sort of. Happy Hunting.
(p.s. I apologize that the pictures are so tiny, if you are local and are interested in any of the above everything was found on KSL.com in the free category of the classifieds)

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