steal of a deal part deux

We wanted to celebrate the last day of summer vacation at Seven Peaks. I don't have a single picture of Gavin because now that he is old and tall enough to go on rides by himself, he does and I didn't see him more than a few minutes the whole time we were there.

Milo, August, Chad and I had a grand time lounging in the wave pool {that for the record I remember being way more cool when I was little}

If is offical Gus hates hats, or at least big ugly ones that keep the sun off his face

steal of a deal

Trafalga is doing a great promotion right now with Seven peaks $34.95 gets you a year pass to both. We of course took advantage.

Crazy idea lets put August on the bumper boats he loved it until he got soaked.

we all did.


I am documenting the first ever family reunion for Chads family. It was low key {mutual dell and swimming at Lindon pool} but we had a blast. I meant to take lots of pics but this is all I ended up getting...enjoy!



Doesn't everyone wish they still had ice cream and soda fountains around, well they do in Logan.

The Bluebird.

Old fashioned down to the iron port and the banana split dishes.


We spent the 9th annual Lines Family Reunion up Logan Canyon. Was it fun you ask? I think you already know the answer. YES!

With fishing, the zoo, catching up on sleep, eating what we caught, using a bucket for a shower, we always have a blast with this bunch!



Maybe it is the anxiety of back to school but I have been nesting like a pregnant woman. Here are a few

Item #1
The boys closet. Cramming two boys into one closet is sometimes a challenge, especially at the rate that I buy shoes for them. I have to make room for school clothes of course, so it was time to organize.

Item #2
This is a bit of a confession as well, I am CONSTANTLY ripping pages out of magazines. Diy projects, websites I want to remember, gift ideas, rooms I like, etc. This habit started with some interior design classes I took long ago and after watching some documentary about a lady who died in her house full of torn out pages I simply had to make a change. This is some of what I threw away.

battle wound

Gus had a little battle with the driveway last week...
The drive way won.

We called him Rudy all week long.



Back when Domino was still being delivered to me each month {tear, tear} I fell in love with an amazing vintage lucite mirrored tray.

I simply had to have it, but really who has 150.00 lying around for a clear tray? Not me, so I have been on the search for one that is just as wonderful but more in my price range. I looked at this one


and this one

and this one


and then I got lucky, my good old standby IKEA came through with this one. And even better I found it in the AS IS section for 1.99!!

Come to my house I will serve you drinks on my wonderful lucite serving tray.