ponytails, tights and a thank you

I feel like celebrating today! I have three good reasons to. 
(vintage dress : the flea // belt-thrifted // shoes-Mossimo for Target // headband-Clemmie Sue // Tights-Gal Stern)

1. Bijou Market was over the weekend and it was such a success! The backaches, tired feet, a run in with a homeless man and not eating until 4:30 in the afternoon were so worth it. It is so fun to see so many people coming together to support local artists and crafters. A big thank you goes out to everyone that came by, said "hi" and made this Bijou the most successful ever!

2. One of the MANY things I bought at Bijou Market was these wonderful tights by Gal Stern for Mineral and Matter. It is taking everything inside me to not wear these everyday this week. If you are loving them as much as I do click here to see more, check out the purple and teal ones too. 

3. After going back and forth a million times I decided a couple of months ago to start the long haul of growing my hair out and I am happy to say that yesterday I wore a ponytail for the first time in almost two years. Understand that I use the term "ponytail" in a very loose sense as you can see by the picture but it is a ponytail. 

Check back as I will be posting about all the great stuff I got from the Bij. 
Happy Monday!



 Easter weekend is always a favorite in our house as I sure it is in yours. We kicked off the weekend with Easter egg hunt (moved indoors due to the weather) put on by my darling sister Tiffani.

Yes my boys to have rather large Easter baskets. That just means more stuff from the Easter bunny, right?

As busy as we were this weekend Chad and I managed to throw a date night into the mix. 
(taking my kids to their auntie's house, no I am not the one driving)
My sisters and I have worked out a deal where we all take one date night to watch all the cousins so that we don't have to pay for sitters, Genius! 

Sunday included an Easter egg hunt in our Jammies.

Growing up my mother sewed dresses for all seven of us girls every Christmas and Easter. If we didn't match, we at least all had the same color scheme going on. I have carried on both of these traditions.

We all have the same color scheme going on I went with blue, gray, black and red.
(On August and Milo h&m // on Gavin top h&m, pants gap kids)

And I decided to sew my dress this year. 
(Simplicity Amazing fit dress pattern #2648 // Michael Miller Grey Dot Fabric )

I wanted this dress from Shabby Apple
(Going Steady Dress)
but after seeing that almost every review said they needed the dress tailored after buying it I decided to just make it myself. So what would have cost me approx. $130 ($90-dress // $40- tailor) I ended up paying just $25 ($22.50 Fabric // $1.50 zipper // $1.00 pattern on sale at Joann) I always love a deal.

Another item, Bijou Market is this weekend

We are so excited about this one. We have local artists painting portraits starting at $10. Check our website for artist info and times. And of course we have the best of everything handmade and vintage to bring you too. Feel free to copy and paste this flier, and don't forget to join our little Facebook family. See you this weekend!

e-mail me at myvdecor@gmail.com
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This is my Milo

and this is Milo's hat.

In fact if I let him have his way the picture above would be his daily uniform complete with slap bracelet. Back to the hat...Milo wears this hat almost 24 hours out of every day, he even falls asleep while wearing it. I didn't realize he wore it so much until I started looking at pictures of him and honestly couldn't find one of him without it. 
The best part about his hat is in the way he wears it. It started as a flat bill hat but that did not last, he is always bending the bill and he wears it high on his head like an old man. Every time I walk by him I push it down but he obviously likes it to ride high. 

Not convinced he wears this hat A LOT
(secretary blouse- thrifted // sweater- j. crew // leggings- american apparel // boots- etienne aigner)

Gavin took this picture ten minutes before he and Milo went to bed and sure enough there he is in pj's and the hat. Maybe the Easter bunny needs to bring Milo a new hat just to mix things up. Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Easter!


Square Native

Isn't it funny how when one area of your life is busy everything else seems to take a back seat. Never mind, I don't know why that is funny. With going crazy getting ready for Bijou Market next week, and the hundred other irons I have in my fire, this little blog of mine has been nice and cozy the back seat. So while I don't have anything fun to show you today, Square Native does. If you have not been introduced to Square Native it is time you do.They are up on everything going on in Utah County. They did a nice little piece on us gals of the Bijou and they have lots of other wonderful things to share too. 

So let me do the honors... Friends, Square Native, Square Native, Friends. Now that you have been properly introduced click here.