Easter weekend is always a favorite in our house as I sure it is in yours. We kicked off the weekend with Easter egg hunt (moved indoors due to the weather) put on by my darling sister Tiffani.

Yes my boys to have rather large Easter baskets. That just means more stuff from the Easter bunny, right?

As busy as we were this weekend Chad and I managed to throw a date night into the mix. 
(taking my kids to their auntie's house, no I am not the one driving)
My sisters and I have worked out a deal where we all take one date night to watch all the cousins so that we don't have to pay for sitters, Genius! 

Sunday included an Easter egg hunt in our Jammies.

Growing up my mother sewed dresses for all seven of us girls every Christmas and Easter. If we didn't match, we at least all had the same color scheme going on. I have carried on both of these traditions.

We all have the same color scheme going on I went with blue, gray, black and red.
(On August and Milo h&m // on Gavin top h&m, pants gap kids)

And I decided to sew my dress this year. 
(Simplicity Amazing fit dress pattern #2648 // Michael Miller Grey Dot Fabric )

I wanted this dress from Shabby Apple
(Going Steady Dress)
but after seeing that almost every review said they needed the dress tailored after buying it I decided to just make it myself. So what would have cost me approx. $130 ($90-dress // $40- tailor) I ended up paying just $25 ($22.50 Fabric // $1.50 zipper // $1.00 pattern on sale at Joann) I always love a deal.

Another item, Bijou Market is this weekend

We are so excited about this one. We have local artists painting portraits starting at $10. Check our website for artist info and times. And of course we have the best of everything handmade and vintage to bring you too. Feel free to copy and paste this flier, and don't forget to join our little Facebook family. See you this weekend!

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Brian and Katie said...

Such a cute family! I love your family Easter picture!

chari-o said...

Shut up! when did Gavin get that tall??

journeytojohanssontown said...

Tell me about it! He turns nine next week.