halloween in December

Only because you asked...

Batman and Robin

Merlin and Archimedes the Owl

And can you guess?

...of course the Grinch
Sorry for the camera phone photos, my camera is still broken.

these two and me

Bijou is over {always a dose of bittersweet}

I just want to let these two darlings know how much I love doing what we do. We three are a great mix of everything you need in a partnership. I wouldn't want to do Bijou with anyone else. Thanks guys!

p.s. that is the last time we put the
tall person in the middle for a picture.

Plan on this

I am letting you all know that the the live Nativity in Alpine is going on this weekend the 3rd,4th and 6th from 6-9pm. Go, enjoy, your welcome.

If you are going on Monday I will see you there.
900 North Main St. Alpine, UT {no nativity is complete without camels.}


get em' whilt their hot

Okay the wait is almost over! Bijou Market starts Friday.

If you want to get a preview hop on over toBijoumarket.com

Not to toot my own horn, but we are selling these
most adorable totes for a mere $2 {no that is not a typo}
Make sure and get yours get there early!



confessions of a S.A.H.M.

Humor me for a moment...
I have come to love to vacuum. For the only reason that my extremely loud vacuum drowns out EVERYTHING! So the kids can be crazy and screaming and all I have to do to escape the insanity is vacuum my house.

Next- the shopping carts at IKEA give me a great love handle workout, thanks to the wheels that turn in all directions. Trying to wrangle to cart at every turn used to drive me crazy, but now I just go with it and get a solid workout while I shop.

Lastly- I am trying my hand at Homemade Laundry soap. I want to know who has tried it, what works, what didn't, what they liked and what they didn't.

p.s I promise halloween pics are coming!


what's in a trip?

I could post 17 times about our trip, but I won't. Enter collage...

Chad and I had not taken a trip together since our honeymoon, this trip was much needed and so super fun. Disneyworld is so different without kids {better, oddly enough} and it was a blast to see ye olde mission.
These pictures brought to by Kilmars Ice
cream shoppe, thanks for mailing us our camera!