It amazes me how easy it is to get behind with posting. No matter, last week Chad and I took one of those monumental {at least to me} steps and celebrated ten years of being Mr. & Mrs. Ten years! Until then I hadn't stuck to something that long except maybe breathing and biting my nails.

We will be officially celebrating our anniversary in December with a trip to Hawaii, so we opted for no presents. But chad did plan a pretty great night for us. We started with dinner at Ruths Chris.

Then Chad took me to the cutest bookstore in the world, I could always spend HOURS there, and buy EVERYTHING. Honestly if you need something adorable go to Dolly's Bookstore in Park City.

After that we went to our spot on Temple Square, where we exchanged letters we had written to each other. Our spot is where Chad proposed to me ten years ago, and on that day I remembering how amazing it felt to be sitting there with Chad, almost certain that the way I felt couldn't get any better. Well Rashelle of ten years ago I have news, it is so much better.


house arrest

I am the mother of a juvenile delinquent. Long story short our dear little dog Jeffery journeyed one street over where he encountered a rather large and angry dog and a man on a bicycle. He didn't really get the best of the big dog but he did come out better than the man who ran over him with the bicycle. His little excursion ended when the the animal control officer arrived to detain him. So know we have a dog with a record and has spent the last week and a half on house arrest. Good news though, today marks his end of DT and to close out his case all we needed to do was take a little trip to the vet.

He has turned over a new leaf and doesn't he look very penitent.

(picture taken at a stop light on the way to the vet)


Betsey Johnson said...

“Girls do not dress for boys. They dress for themselves, and of course, each other. If girls dressed for boys, they’d just walk around naked at all times.”
I am not condoning walking in the nude, but Betsey makes a great point and I can honestly say that I do not dress for anyone but me. Chad doesn't always like what I am wearing. He doesn't understand why I wear skirts to football games or Wedge heels and leggings to ride the Alpine slide, or when we are going out to a casual dinner I opt for a glittered jacket and heels {doesn't he realize that I did dress down by wearing jeans} Case in point I was pretty excited to get these

and when I put them on for the first time, Chad could not understand what I was so happy about. But after explaining to him why these pants make me happy {the color, the fit, the way they make my butt loo etc.} he concluded that if these amazing {my words not his} varnish effect trousers made me happy then he was happy. So even though he doesn't get it, at least he lets me be me. And that is better than getting it, i think.