splish, splash

The Highland splash park, if you haven't tried it you should {make sure you bring water and an umbrella, there is no shade} My kids really like it, as long as we have buckets for water fights .

Love these swim trunks, doesn't he remind you of someone?

Anything that keeps Milo's attention is good as gold.

coasters, trains and big kid rides oh my

For most people that live in or around PG Strawberry days is a must. Milo wanted to go on every ride regardless of the height limit but had to settle for the dragon roller coaster and the kiddie train.

Gavin {after coaxing him ALL night long} went on a "big kid" ride, I accidentally had the camera set to night shot.

I am adding another chapter into the double trouble book. This is a picture of the carnival worker stopping the ride and coming over to Milo and Dempsey to tell them to sit down.


thirty, flirty and fabulous

Chad is 30!

Of course I had to do something somewhat spectacular, so I rented a party room and Noah's and surprised him.

this is him being surprised

To throw him off I threw the party after a very long Bijou Market. This picture sums up how tired and sun burnt I was.

This cake looks like it is on fire!

Here is to another year of Fabulous! I love you!

Thanks annie for taking pics with

your phone, I forgot my camera



We all have them, some are extraordinary and some are everyday. I think all are important though. A few of ours...

Gavin is no longer a Kindergartner
Gus found his toes

Gus decided sitting was cool {though only for a few secs. or mins. depending on his mood}

Gus was also introduced to his great grandparents this week.

I am running and I have brought a few friends along for the ride

After a lot of patience Daddy is now a favorite

Milo is officially a poser

Did I mention Gus can sit? It makes taking pics lots easier


Another Bijou Market has come and gone once again. I am always pleased to see how we three take on each market, and even more pleased to see what I can do in one short year. This time around we decided to turn this

into this

and this

and this

I want to thank everyone {esp. my family for helping and my stellar hubs for doing anything and everything I needed him to all day} who helps make every market AMAZING!!!

Look for us in the fall.


Give away

I just wanted to give you all a heads up. If you hop on over to Rockstar Diaries you can enter and Bijou Market give away.

Good Luck!

pump you up

I wanted to showcase a few of the many amazing things you will find at the one and only Bijou Market this Saturday!

First up annily green. This pillow is the best. Not only does it match everything, it will make everyone who sees it chuckle.

they also make the most darling earrings

I have been eyeing this print from bad circle for a while

So I am glad that they will be there on Saturday as well
I will be posting throughout the week, so check back .

what's in a weekend

I know it seems as though I have fallen off the face of the earth, but I am still here. Does anyone else feel like another baby brings 4 times more laundry and a way messier house even after 5 months? I hope everyone had a stellar weekend, I know I did:

- Graduation for my sister Millie
- Watching UFC on Pay-per-View {yeah that's right}
- Shopping
- The Living Planet Aquarium
- Breaking my heel off at church
- The second worst Chicken Marsala I have ever had
- knocking out a few of my "todo's" for Bijou Market
- Walking into Ikea with no pacifier for gus, so turning around and leaving
- Betting Chad I could pick him off the floor and carry him into our room
- Betting Chad that I could fill the dishwasher with about 100 items
- realizing that I might have a problem with making bets
-sleeping in
- Pickle ball {look it up}