what's in a weekend

I know it seems as though I have fallen off the face of the earth, but I am still here. Does anyone else feel like another baby brings 4 times more laundry and a way messier house even after 5 months? I hope everyone had a stellar weekend, I know I did:

- Graduation for my sister Millie
- Watching UFC on Pay-per-View {yeah that's right}
- Shopping
- The Living Planet Aquarium
- Breaking my heel off at church
- The second worst Chicken Marsala I have ever had
- knocking out a few of my "todo's" for Bijou Market
- Walking into Ikea with no pacifier for gus, so turning around and leaving
- Betting Chad I could pick him off the floor and carry him into our room
- Betting Chad that I could fill the dishwasher with about 100 items
- realizing that I might have a problem with making bets
-sleeping in
- Pickle ball {look it up}

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