gum and august

August loves Gum. August knows how to be sneaky. Put these two aspects together and this is what I end up with.

We will see how is digestion systems handles this when he is seven


Do you ever have those days when you feel like you have done a lot but don't have anything to show for it. When I have those days, {like today} I like to give my self a little boost by recapping my day in numbers.

13 bills paid
3 times sweeping the floor
1 time mopping the floor
3 spills cleaned up
1 preschool field trip
4 moments to myself {using the bathroom}
9 number of times I died "helping" Milo play a video game
14 books I read to August
5 amount of times I had to tell Gavin to get on his homework
4 outfit changes for Milo
12 amount of times Milo asked me if he could change his clothes again.
60 minutes of trying keeping kids and basketballs off the court at Gavin's practice
1 pot of taco soup
20 minutes of uninterrupted time chad and I had to debrief about our day
6 trips into August room to put him down for naps and bed
7 times getting August off after he climbs on the dishwasher

the next time you are feeling like you didn't do enough in a day, make a list. It really helps put your role into perspective



Deciding to throw a four year old birthday party can make someone crazy. Deciding to throw a party dedicated to all things messy can make one completely insane. Luckily for me I am a master of controlled chaos. {Which is exactly what a messy birthday party is, just in case any of you were wondering} So 15 cans of shaving cream, 12 boxes of cornstarch, 8 bottles of paint later, and 14 boxes of Jell-o later, we were ready to party.

We let the kids paint their faces and bodies and glitter gel their hair

Then they painted with their hands and feet

Looking for prizes in goo. {cornstarch and water}

My grandmother being completely mortified and confused as to why adults would let kids go crazy

A relay game of, pop the shaving cream filled balloon on your head

Everyone went through the kid wash

{please enlarge this picture and notice the looks of sheer terror on all of their faces}

All you can eat "messy foods" like powdered donuts, pudding, jell-o, Cheetos etc.

cake is boring, banana splits are extra messy!

Happy Messy Birthday Milo!


final days of summer

With the warm weather is escaping us we thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of my families monthly FHE and have an impromptu pool party.

It has taken an entire summer but Milo will finally enter the pool not wrapped around me, cling for his life.

August was on a never ending cycle of jump in pool, get cold, get out, wrap up , eat a cracker, repeat.

These kinds of days make you wish for an endless warm summer.
Goodbye summer, see ya soon.


I would rather

I haven't ever liked going to the dentist, but my reasons for not loving it now aren't the same as when I was six. This is what I hate about the dentist as an adult.

Sitting in the very quiet lobby and trying to calmly explain to my children that the dentist is NOT scary and scouts honor the dentist is not going to give them a shot.

Listening to some young not married and mother of zero dental assistant tell you that your kids aren't brushing enough and you need to be more diligent. Ha Ha, well feel free to come join in the nightly battle of brush, floss and fluoride at my house.

Then sitting next to my child in the dentist chair, palms sweaty, holding my breath as the dentist looks for one of a mothers sworn enemies, cavities. I don't handle suspense very well at all so this two minute period never goes over very well.

Finally the moment of truth, NO CAVITIES! You know it is true what they say, going to the dentist really isn't as bad as it seems... for six months anyway.