I would rather

I haven't ever liked going to the dentist, but my reasons for not loving it now aren't the same as when I was six. This is what I hate about the dentist as an adult.

Sitting in the very quiet lobby and trying to calmly explain to my children that the dentist is NOT scary and scouts honor the dentist is not going to give them a shot.

Listening to some young not married and mother of zero dental assistant tell you that your kids aren't brushing enough and you need to be more diligent. Ha Ha, well feel free to come join in the nightly battle of brush, floss and fluoride at my house.

Then sitting next to my child in the dentist chair, palms sweaty, holding my breath as the dentist looks for one of a mothers sworn enemies, cavities. I don't handle suspense very well at all so this two minute period never goes over very well.

Finally the moment of truth, NO CAVITIES! You know it is true what they say, going to the dentist really isn't as bad as it seems... for six months anyway.

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