Deciding to throw a four year old birthday party can make someone crazy. Deciding to throw a party dedicated to all things messy can make one completely insane. Luckily for me I am a master of controlled chaos. {Which is exactly what a messy birthday party is, just in case any of you were wondering} So 15 cans of shaving cream, 12 boxes of cornstarch, 8 bottles of paint later, and 14 boxes of Jell-o later, we were ready to party.

We let the kids paint their faces and bodies and glitter gel their hair

Then they painted with their hands and feet

Looking for prizes in goo. {cornstarch and water}

My grandmother being completely mortified and confused as to why adults would let kids go crazy

A relay game of, pop the shaving cream filled balloon on your head

Everyone went through the kid wash

{please enlarge this picture and notice the looks of sheer terror on all of their faces}

All you can eat "messy foods" like powdered donuts, pudding, jell-o, Cheetos etc.

cake is boring, banana splits are extra messy!

Happy Messy Birthday Milo!

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Annie said...

Hey - it's me Annie, your softball companion (although you're much more faithful). I totally love this idea and just had to tell you.