It's Cherry

Chad has a new addition to the family...

If you want to make your hubby giddy ladies, seriously buy him a scoot.

I was more excited about the half helmet that came with it. Now I can play Policeman all day.{this is me trying to look intimidating while laughing}

Milo of course will be playing as well.

No so Rebel Without a Cause, but I don't think there is anything hotter than a dad on his scooter with his two sons.


onward and upward

{this is what I look like racing down university with a huge table in my car}

Beehive Bazaar was tons of fun. Here is a somewhat short recap...

Thursday we went to set up and here is a list of things that went wrong

- the buckets to hold up our display were full of cement and not dry

- we didn't have the right sized table and therefore had to "borrow"one from a local church building

- we had no twine to hang up our display thus causing me to hysterically drive through Provo looking for the darn stuff. {by the way NO ONE sells twine anymore...maybe it is the recession}

Once we got everything in order we high-tailed it out of there, {lets just say it is emotional to watch people inspect your wares, especially when you put so much into them ...yes I know they are just headbands but I make each one with love.}

We came back about 45 mins. later to find our booth EMPTY... so we spent the rest of the weekend making more headbands. I had tons of fun, and I loved all of it. There are times in your life when you realize that a choice or experience you have will change you and you won't be the same. For me this was one of those moments {cue the full house music} Thanks everybody that has supported this hobby that is now dare I say a business.