Rain Rain Go Away

Aside from the fact that I really don't like any weather except sunny, I was annoyed that it had to rain on a Memorial Day. We have been telling Gav for a few weeks that on said holiday we would take him fishing. I was also planning on running in a 5K and we needed to finish staining our deck. That was the plan. This is what happened.

7:00 awake to find it storming, myself and three friends decide against the 5K
12:00 realize the storm is NOT gonna pass so we X out fishing
1:00 go to IKEA to look for outdoor furniture the highlight of this anti-climatic day
4:00 realize the storm is still NOT gonna pass so we X out staining the deck.
So let me add that up for you, the count for the day was

My conclusion is that I don't like rain.


a Day late

I forgot to post this yesterday.


My Niece and Nephew





Birthday Greetings

Disclaimer: Sorry if I havenot posted anything for anyones elses birthday this year I decided to do it now so you missed out. I will catch you next birthday! Yea, something to look forward to.

I wanted to give a big 1 week old Birthday shout out to our very own



To this Stud of a Man

Sorry ladies he is taken

My Bro in law Casey Johansson

Happy the Big 30!!!


Move over angus, eddie and jimmy there is a new rocker in town, it might not look that intimidating because he is playing a ukulele but let me tell you he is awesome, okay not so awesome but oh so cute.


We started the Stellar weekend off a Adventureland park. One of our little secrets, okay not that secret, it's pond slash fishing hole slash duck feeding park behind Lone Peak High school. All excited with bread in tow we get there only to discover the 3 yes 3 ducks there were more lets say shoddy people fishing than were ducks.

I guess Gav thought it would be a better feast for the ducks if he threw in whole pieces of bread.

Notice the mouth in the background. Always a poser robbie

And Maverick stopped by to say high- seriously though aviators are HOT!!
As I said before this Started our weekend more posts to come



And here she is, I thought she would appreciate it if I posted the pictures of her after her bath, she needed to look her cutest before I introduced her to the world. She is adorable. And already a fashionista (notice the jewelry which was put on her by her mother and aunts only 30 mins after her entrance into this world.) She looks like a little chunk, but let me sure you that it is only in her cheeks she is tiny everywhere else. I am so enamored of her, she is a doll. I am so proud of Tiff, it is a neat feeling to watch your sister experience the same thing you have. And she had a natural childbirth like me too. WAY TO GO TIFF!

-Chris and tiff your little girl is a sweetheart you did an awesome job, thanks for giving me a niece. I love you. Lines babies are definitely the cutest.


Dempsey Rae Nukaya

SeX: FEmAle

AGe: 4 hoUurs 12 miN

WeiGHT: 7lbs 7oz

HeIghT: 19.5 in

BlAcK hAIr

GrEy eyEs

I will post more pictures tonight after we visit her again.


Mathematics et Cetera

This band is preforming at the Beehive Bazzar afterparty tomorrow night. I have been listening to them for a few days and I really dig it.I like how it isn't all the same, some is mellow and some has a little edge, really little though. Click on this link to go to their Myspace page and listen to the music. If you really like them you can go tomorrow night at 9, The cover is $5. I also added a few of there songs to my playlist.


Ode to The Grandma Gardening Gloves

I love these gloves. I must have an old spirit, I am pretty sure my great great grandmother wore these same gloves. I love how they fit my hands, too often when gardening I end up wearing chads working gloves which are of course too big and so it is harder to garden. I also love that they are red, being that red is one of two favorite colors. The best part however is that I purchased them at Walmart for an entire... are you ready for this 88 cents.

I think that I will add a wide brimmed straw hat and some rubber clogs or boots to my gardening ensemble. Maybe there is even a club I could join or something.


Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

I meant to Post this two weeks ago...

We took to Chuck E. Cheese for Birthday #5

CEC is nice because they stamp every kid and parent and won't let anyone leave unless the stamps match, so you can let you kid run free and don't really have to worry about losing him.

We usually give the kids all there tokens at the beginning and let them play some games until the parents are done eating, but before we were even done the kids had used all there tokens, so we bought more, I hadn't even played my favorite game yet. Yes, I do have a favorite game at CEC I never can remember the name but you have a certain amount of time to run your finger through a maze SO ADDICTING!!!

After the tokens were all used up we put Milo on a few rides and headed to the prize counter. Nothing like spending $50 in tokens to buy a gumball machine and some plastic darts. Money well spent


Death to Conformity

I hate it when a band that I have liked for a while, up and decides to go big and main stream. example: Metro Station. The first time I heard this band was last year sometime in the late summer and I really liked them because it reminded me of the some 80's stuff I really dig, way more perverted though, I swear every song is about doing it with a minor, anyway, it has been on rotation in the jeep for months... until I hear it on Sirius top 40 hits every 45 minutes.
What the fetch, WHY? So now I am forced to disown this band because I guess I am too prideful to like bands that you can hear on 97.1 zht. Sorry just not my thing. So if anyone out there in Hannah Montana land wants my copy of Metro Station it's yours.


So I totally love that I didn't spell check my last post. I really do know how to spell, I promise.