And here she is, I thought she would appreciate it if I posted the pictures of her after her bath, she needed to look her cutest before I introduced her to the world. She is adorable. And already a fashionista (notice the jewelry which was put on her by her mother and aunts only 30 mins after her entrance into this world.) She looks like a little chunk, but let me sure you that it is only in her cheeks she is tiny everywhere else. I am so enamored of her, she is a doll. I am so proud of Tiff, it is a neat feeling to watch your sister experience the same thing you have. And she had a natural childbirth like me too. WAY TO GO TIFF!

-Chris and tiff your little girl is a sweetheart you did an awesome job, thanks for giving me a niece. I love you. Lines babies are definitely the cutest.

3 organic thoughts:

Tristan said...

She is just precious! She looks just like Tiffany!

Nikki & Hal said...

She is so cute! I love all of that dark hair.

¡emily frame! said...

Here's Milo's less attractive fraternal twin.


see the resemblance?