Ode to The Grandma Gardening Gloves

I love these gloves. I must have an old spirit, I am pretty sure my great great grandmother wore these same gloves. I love how they fit my hands, too often when gardening I end up wearing chads working gloves which are of course too big and so it is harder to garden. I also love that they are red, being that red is one of two favorite colors. The best part however is that I purchased them at Walmart for an entire... are you ready for this 88 cents.

I think that I will add a wide brimmed straw hat and some rubber clogs or boots to my gardening ensemble. Maybe there is even a club I could join or something.

2 organic thoughts:

Nikki & Hal said...

I am at work looking at your blog and I am so sad I am leaving to Moab, because I want to go to the Beehive Bizarre! I clicked on the link and my friend Tori here at work saw the stuff at the Bizarre and she is going to go.

Annie said...

I think that my mom is the Pres. of that club. HaHaHa This is Annie Eldredge. Looks like you and your family are doing well.