Death to Conformity

I hate it when a band that I have liked for a while, up and decides to go big and main stream. example: Metro Station. The first time I heard this band was last year sometime in the late summer and I really liked them because it reminded me of the some 80's stuff I really dig, way more perverted though, I swear every song is about doing it with a minor, anyway, it has been on rotation in the jeep for months... until I hear it on Sirius top 40 hits every 45 minutes.
What the fetch, WHY? So now I am forced to disown this band because I guess I am too prideful to like bands that you can hear on 97.1 zht. Sorry just not my thing. So if anyone out there in Hannah Montana land wants my copy of Metro Station it's yours.

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Aubree said...

Never heard of the band... but, I totally love that about you!! You never did really follow the crowd. Love it!!