Dempsey Rae Nukaya

SeX: FEmAle

AGe: 4 hoUurs 12 miN

WeiGHT: 7lbs 7oz

HeIghT: 19.5 in

BlAcK hAIr

GrEy eyEs

I will post more pictures tonight after we visit her again.

3 organic thoughts:

Annie said...

She looks cute. i had no idea she was even prego. i feel so out of the loop! i blame my parents for not keeping me updated! Congrats Tiff!

Mickel, Stephanie, and Kaiya Jane said...

Hey, thanks for posting that! Congrats Tiff!

mckenna said...

Oh my goodness! She's beautiful! And Tiffani looks AMAZING for just having a baby! Wow! Jealous! I need my bother to get moving and make me an aunt!