Almost there

Not only are we counting down Christmas in our house we are counting down the arrival of family member #5. So what is normally a crazy time of year has turned into a astronomical undertaking. {I told chad that we will be celibate from March till April from now on so that I can make certain we don't have another Holiday baby}
I am amazed though at the stuff I have been able to crank out to get everything ready.
here are a few...

Christmas Cards...Check

Neighbour Gifts...Check

ikea dish towels and recipe cards printed here

Recover Bassinet...Check
Make #3 bedding...Check

Church outfits...checkyes my kids are wearing vintage bowties and yes I am wearing a hat from the 40's

Merry Christmas!


Temple Square lessons learned

We made our way up to SLC for our annual Temple Square excursion. And I have to say the lessons and experiences learned were worth the 9 hours it took us to take this trip.
1- Gavin will talk to ANYONE; he chatted with a lady the entire way up on trax, and on the way back he told two men who had take out, they could not have food on the train and pointed to the sign.
2- Know what train you are getting on; if you are going to mistakenly get on the University line you have to transfer or end up 45 mins later at the University Hospital.
3- Iphone=parents sanity; What did we do before we could sit our kids down with our phone to watch "The Grinch" on YouTube.
4- Defrost backfires if your car is cold; making you sit for 10 minutes in your completely frosted car, {I have driven for 10 years and have never know this}
5- Temple square makes everyone a photographer.


A new tradition

My sister found a live Nativity in Alpine that we all went to for FHE. Well I thought we were going to a live Nativity, little did I know that we were going back in time to Bethlehem, complete with camels and Roman soldiers.

This is the best picture we got, Gavin was NOT happy about being so close to a camel. It really was a great experience. Hopefully you all can make it next year, as we went on the last night.


It's a green Christmas

I try to help the earth whenever I can, especially when the outcome is something this cute. I will be wrapping gifts this year with old pattern pieces. Check out full tutorial here.


Two Things

I am looking forward to this weekend for two reasons:

1-Beehive Bazaar
Motley Handmade has been plenty busy making wonderful new items for you.

2- When I am not at Beehive Bazaar I will be at this website.
I overheard a lady talking about this website and gave it a try. Let me tell you, if you have wanted to try a trend but didn't want to spend lots of dough this place is for you. Who can say no to boots for $20!


Christmas list

I hate toys that take batteries and especially ones that make a lot of noise. So here is a list of some of the toys on my kids Christmas lists this year.

My boys have been asking for drums for a while now and how can I resist with this darling set.


Don't worry about putting this seesaw away when company comes, it looks like art.


How cute will #3 look when he is pushing this cute walker around the house.


Not only are they getting exercise with this tricycle they are helping the earth.




This thankful tag is way late but I still wanted to do it anyway.

Five things I am thankful for right now...

1. The fact that I can buy pebble ice in bags at Maceys.

2. That I have a husband who will keep the areas of my body that I can't see or reach due to my stomach , shaved and/or polished.

3. That my six year old still likes to cuddle with me.

4. That BYU won on Saturday

5. That my dad was able to fix my vinyl machine {I was really getting sick of sending orders to other people}

There you have it, five of the millions of things I am thankful for.


Warm wishes

Normally I don't even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but every time little #3 kicks, it reminds me that I don't have the luxury of waiting I need to get some Christmas stuff done now. Which brings me to this...
Item #1 The Christmas card.
A few I have been looking at
{minted dot com}

{paperculture dot com}

{paperculture dot com}

{snapfish dot com}

Bijou Market

This post is a week or so late, but truly worth it. I just want to give a big thanks to everyone who helped make this Bijou Market a blast. I know that my head was down at check out for all six hours so I couldn't see you unless you came in my line or came up to me and shouted in my ear, but I still want to say thank you. The location was terrific, the vendors were terrific and even little number three in the oven didn't seem to mind that I could not leave my post for food, water, bathroom or just to stretch. Seriously, It was a terrific day and I hope everyone else had a great time too.


What are you waiting for

This Saturday is Bijou Market!!!
I am so excited about the line up of vendors this time around, I know I say that every time but I swear it only gets better and better. Not to pick favorites but I will give you a sample of the things I have been eyeing.

Number three will most definitely be sporting these

I love love love this pillow
The bird I already have needs a friend

I really love these rings and coasters

So if you can make it to Utah county this is where you need to be on Saturday 10-4 501 N 900 E in Provo across from Gold's Gym. See ya there.


Etsy finds

One of my favorite things to do is delve through the wonderful world of Etsy. It can be pretty overwhelming sometimes but when you find something great it makes it all worth it. I have started to look for Christmas presents and who knows maybe one of you will be receiving one of these gems.

This scarf looks so fun you can also wear it around your neck as a collar.

Tiny soaps in the shape of hands for hand washing. What a riot!

This necklace would look great with anything

How cute is this print, I know exactly where I could put this in my house.
I didn't link any of these to their Etsy shop, but if you want to know where to find them leave a comment.


Halloween is my most FAVORITE holiday ever. When I was little and played dress up I was never a princess I was always a witch. So now in my adult years the thought of dressing up my whole family makes me super happy. This year we went with an Alice in Wonderland theme.

I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to beg Gavin to be a card, he picked it on his own, Chad will just wear what I make for him. I went as the Queen of Hearts {a prego Alice or Cheshire cat would be weird} and Milo was the King of Hearts

This was Milo's first official Trick or Treat excursion. It only took him about 12 houses to catch on and he did very well.
The night before we carved pumpkins like everyone else. Can you tell who carved what?

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!


A new addition

After what seems like forever, I finally started a new blog. Check it out here!


The middle

My favorite day of the week is now Wednesday, and for one reason... The Middle.

If you have not taken the time to watch this gem of a show you need to. There has never been a show that EVERYONE can relate to. I am telling you this little show gives me the pick up I need to finish my week, plus it always makes me laugh. So watch this show on Wednesday and let me know what you think.


Batter's up

Chad and I celebrated our 8th Anniversary on Monday. What a better way to celebrate with a championship softball game. Am I a nice wife or what?

And guess what they won! Happy Anniversary to Us!


pumpkin picking

One of our Halloween traditions {don't you have more than one} is to pick our own pumpkins from a pumpkin patch. Our favorite little spot closed a few years ago and so I have been on the lookout for another perfect pumpkin patch. I am not about spending $8 bucks a person to go to Hee Haw's and see the Worlds Biggest Pig. So we hauled the troop down to the Red Barn in Santaquin.

You take a wagon ride out to the pumpkins...a slow wagon ride

Chad and Milo were pretty quick to find their pumpkins

Gavin went through about nine before he went back to the first one he had pickedThis has always been a fun thing for our family to do, if you don't already do this you should try it and happy pumpkin picking!


After much anticipation TOMS is finally selling Youth sizes!!!
Get a sneak peek here.

Gavin already picked out these

And I picked out these for Milo

Disclaimer: TOMS has been selling the Tiny TOMS for a while but the Youth sizes are the new ones.


Some stuff you need

Everyone has those favorites that they love. Here are some of mine.

For those of you who like me find washing and then blowing out your hair just about as bad as going to the dentist this favorite is for you. Dry Shampoo{Sally's Beauty Supply}

All you do is shake the can, spray on your hair, then give your hair a little rub rub and you look like you just washed it. The reason I love this specific one is the price. You can shell out beau coup bucks for dry shampoo, but I am telling you that at $7.00 you won't ever feel guilty for skipping a wash...or two.

These PJs{from Gap} are something I can't live without. It was a sad day when Gavin grew out of them.

They make your little ones look oh so cute. People are always saying that it is stupid to spend so much on something that they sleep in, but Gap has them on clearance online and Old Navy makes them as well for a cheaper price, you also can get them pretty cheap at the outlets. So there is no excuse.

This next one is very random and I didn't realize that it was a favorite until recently I looked in my linen closet and found this...


Do you ever get sick of your bedroom but can't afford to redecorate, then do what I do, buy new pillow cases. It is a quick change and for only a few dollars you can change up the color scheme in your room. Give it a try you might find that all your room needed was a small change of color.

Seems I could go on and on about my favorites but these are just a few for now, let me know what you think.


the closest you will get me to a farm

Tiff and I took the wee ones to Thanksgiving Point on Monday. When I told Gavin that where we were going he said "Mom, that place stinks. I can't stand it and you can't stand it wither cause you are pregnant" I told him that we were going to tuff it and go see some animals...

Surprisingly, it took Milo clear till the end to warm up to any and all farm animals, he did like the goats at the end.

Gav was all about feeding every animal in that place, he personally saw that every animal got fed, even the chickens.

They both loved the horses, Milo did not want to get off when we were done

Thanks Tiff and Demps it was a fun day