A new tradition

My sister found a live Nativity in Alpine that we all went to for FHE. Well I thought we were going to a live Nativity, little did I know that we were going back in time to Bethlehem, complete with camels and Roman soldiers.

This is the best picture we got, Gavin was NOT happy about being so close to a camel. It really was a great experience. Hopefully you all can make it next year, as we went on the last night.

3 organic thoughts:

mckenna said...

That looks awesome! Wish I were closer so we could check it out.

Cameron and Melissa Johansson said...

That would of been so fun! Hopefully next year we can all try and go!

Susan said...

Maybe that's where the camels who used to live by me went! And by the way, I know what you mean about holiday babies. But the year Kristen was born was the only one I was ready well before Christmas! It was motivation! (not that I would recommend that for every year, of course. :-) )