Ipod Add

Chris Merritt came out with a new album in June and I am ashamed that it took me until now to listen to it, seeing as I am his #1 fan. The important thing is that I did and it is AMAZING! You know when you love an album so much you listen to it over and over, and then when that artist comes out with a new album and it just isn't as good as the first? Well that is not the case with record dos, I dare say there are more tracks I like on this album than on hello, little captain. Okay I could go on and on the point is their music is terrif and you need to check it out. Click here to listen or click his name.


Robbie threw Annie a Surprise Party at Classic Skate. For those of you not associated with this establishment let me fill you in, it is where every 10-15 age kid goes and hangs out and roller skates! The party was way fun and of course we did it with flair.

Sorry the pics are dark or foggy, they love the lights and smoke machine at Classic

It was a blast whoever said Classic is lame never went there with us.

Ask for Steve

Awesome idea, ride Le Bus to Wendover so you can gamble all your change.

I don't really know how this little holiday got started, nevertheless it got started, originally we had all planned to ride Le Bus, we thought it would be memorable and hysterical. We ended up riding down in Le GMC Acadia, turns out just as memorable and hysterical. I have to say for the record this isn't one of those trips you put in your Christmas card or even mention in casual conversation, but it is definitely one I will be glad forever that we did.

We stopped at Metaphor: the Tree of Utah, licked the Salt Flats (haven't you always wondered) and were on our way.

We pulled up to the luxurious Motel 6 walked into our spacious 9x15 ft room, dumped our stuff and were off to the Buffet. Little hint if you are ever in Wendover go to the Rainbow Casino and ask for Steve in the Poker room, that's all I can say. After Steve and the buffet we hit the tables, well some hit the tables and some hit video blackjack. Approx. one hour later we lost all our money and had to find something else to do.

After a run in with Gods Pottery, we ended our night back at our hotel room of wonder. That pretty much sums things up, take it from me when your friend says "Hey, lets go to Wendover!" Tell them that all you get from Wendover is raped of all your money and stinky hair!


ode to annie

I didn't have a chance to do this on her Birthday so I wanted to do it now. Sorry it is a day late.

Once upon a time I met this girl, and she became as close to me as a sister. I heard it once said that God puts people in your path of life always for a reason. I truly know that Annie was placed in my life that way. She is super fun, easy to talk to and be honsest with. She is never caddy, is always a good friend, a great mom and yes folks she was even a Utah Jazz Dancer. I am super glad that we became friends and that even years down the road we will still be that way. Happy Birthday!


My Inner Oprah

I love these bowls from Ikea. They cost a dollar and I use them for everything, especially feeding the kids. I really am not a fan of kid dinnerware, for me its totally lame. That's why I love these smaller cute bowls. Everyone go and buy a dozen.
Also Walmart makes these great crackers. Next time you are there pick up a box of Sams Choice Salsa and Cream Cheese crackers. The first time I had these was at a holiday party I loved them so much I went around and asked everyone who brought them and where did they get them. Let me tell you I was amazed to learn that Wal-mart of all places was responsible for such a terrif snack. You won't believe me till you taste them but you can actually taste the cream cheese. So go get some and let me know what you think. I fully understand if you all hate them, maybe I am crazy.


God Bless America

We kicked off the Holiday a day early. We headed to Adventureland Park to get our fish on, only the fish were no where to be found.

You can tell Gav was super excited to not catch a fish

Can anyone say Huck Finn? Yes that is a stick he is trying to fish with.

Onto the Real Holiday

We started the day off by of course hitting the Parade

Seriously who doesn't love parades? I am right?

This is a bad picture but the highlight for me was seeing Immaculee Ilibagiza riding in the parade.

Following the Parade we did what every other red, white and blue blooded American does


We like so many others went to a park.

Swings CHECK!

Monkey Bars CHECK!


We topped off the day with a hardy helping of fireworks. I prefer to sit on the steps of the Marriott Center to watch the Stadium of Fire Show.

By this time of day getting the kids to take a pic is ridiculous

I love to take pictures of fireworks

I know this picture is kinds dark but I didn't want to use the flash it ruins the effect. Milo loved the show. And apparently from the picture so did Chad.

This is my Grand Finale I LOVE this picture.


Substitute Mama

I want to give a shout out to all the "working moms" out there. I know all moms work, but it takes a lot to leave your kids and go out and earn a living. Tiff went back to week last week after having Dempsey and I am sharing in the babysitting, which I LOVE because I get her to myself and it is good practice for some day when I have three. But today when she dropped her off for the first time my heart broke to watch tiff having to leave and not wanting to. We both cried. So even though I am in a selfish way glad that I get to watch my niece I am heartbroken for Tiff, that she doesn't get to experience every moment of Dempsey. And all you moms out there that are in the same boat, I commend you. It isn't easy.

Once a ring bearer always a ring bearer

Chad younger brother was married two weeks ago and they had asked that Gavin be in the wedding party as the ring bearer. He did a super cute job. I like weddings, but I love weddings when I get to watch my stellar five year old participate.

Gavin was the only person up there that wasn't either getting married or marrying someone.

Gavin wasn't paying attention when they asked for the rings so Cam helped him and Gav just did his signature eye roll and head shake. I think he might have been a little embarrassed .

All in all it was a good wedding and if anyone is in need of a ring bearer in the future just all us we even have a pillow you can use.


One to add to your ipod

I am always keeping my ears open for new music. And I think this one is a keeper. Tom Mcrae has a very distinctive voice and I love him. He is definetly not "new" by any means, but he rocks still the same. Anybody that puts Burl Ives as one of his influences, is awesome. Check him out. I haven't found a song I don't like yet, listen to Walking 2 Hawaii its the best so far.

I hate thinking of a creative title for my posts

Strawberry days kicked things off, on the outside looking in it would seem that strawberry days is just a motley bunch of people riding dirty rides that look like they will break any moment and sitting on old boards to watch people ride animals around in the dirt, let me inform you that YES that is indeed what it is. For some reason I have decided to join in the WT fun.

Yes we do have our baby standing up on the Ferris wheel. don't worry the friendly carnival worker told us to sit him down.

Something about a Ferris wheel that makes me feel artistic I guess

Gav decided he was too big for the kiddie rides and took this one for a spin, though I have to say I am not sure who was more scared, him or the girl next to us going "Who the crap are these people?"

The next night was spent at the rodeo, in a moment of insanity we signed Gavin up to do the Mutton Busting, for those of you not familiar with the Rodeo lingo I will translate we signed him up to ride a sheep. They told us that only one parent was allowed to go with him and I am so thankful that chad went for two reasons. The first being that I can't handle the smell of horse and cow poop, the second is that I was FREAKING OUT in my seat.

Gav did good though, but when he came back to the stand where we were sitting he was crying that he didn't take 1st. We need to work on his sportsmanship.

After the mutton Busting was over all he did for the rest of the night was play in the dirt. Money well spent.

We went with some friends to s Bees Game. It was fun but at about the fourth inning my inner 6 year old came to the surface and could not pay attention to anything. Thank goodness I had a camera to keep me occupied.

Between bottom lip kissing and a double chin contest (that I don't have pictures for) the six year old me held up till the end of the game.