I hate thinking of a creative title for my posts

Strawberry days kicked things off, on the outside looking in it would seem that strawberry days is just a motley bunch of people riding dirty rides that look like they will break any moment and sitting on old boards to watch people ride animals around in the dirt, let me inform you that YES that is indeed what it is. For some reason I have decided to join in the WT fun.

Yes we do have our baby standing up on the Ferris wheel. don't worry the friendly carnival worker told us to sit him down.

Something about a Ferris wheel that makes me feel artistic I guess

Gav decided he was too big for the kiddie rides and took this one for a spin, though I have to say I am not sure who was more scared, him or the girl next to us going "Who the crap are these people?"

The next night was spent at the rodeo, in a moment of insanity we signed Gavin up to do the Mutton Busting, for those of you not familiar with the Rodeo lingo I will translate we signed him up to ride a sheep. They told us that only one parent was allowed to go with him and I am so thankful that chad went for two reasons. The first being that I can't handle the smell of horse and cow poop, the second is that I was FREAKING OUT in my seat.

Gav did good though, but when he came back to the stand where we were sitting he was crying that he didn't take 1st. We need to work on his sportsmanship.

After the mutton Busting was over all he did for the rest of the night was play in the dirt. Money well spent.

We went with some friends to s Bees Game. It was fun but at about the fourth inning my inner 6 year old came to the surface and could not pay attention to anything. Thank goodness I had a camera to keep me occupied.

Between bottom lip kissing and a double chin contest (that I don't have pictures for) the six year old me held up till the end of the game.

3 organic thoughts:

¡emily frame! said...

yes! love those bottom lip shots. i am so angry i missed gavin's turn on the sheep/goat/lamb/

Tristan said...

I miss Strawberry Days! Makes me a little homesick for PG!

Mandi said...

I could really go for some strawberries and cream right now! Talk about the perfect summer food! Nice pictures of you and Chad, by the way. Very attractive! :)