Robbie threw Annie a Surprise Party at Classic Skate. For those of you not associated with this establishment let me fill you in, it is where every 10-15 age kid goes and hangs out and roller skates! The party was way fun and of course we did it with flair.

Sorry the pics are dark or foggy, they love the lights and smoke machine at Classic

It was a blast whoever said Classic is lame never went there with us.

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mickelandstephanie said...

Cute pics, looks like you guys went all out! To answer your question about our camera, we have a Cannon Rebel XTi and we usually use a 75/300 image stabilizing lens. It's kind of a pain to lug around with us, so we don't take it all the time, but we're always glad when we do.

colbyandbecca.blogspot.com said...

That was a good party. Sorry we missed out on yours. I hope you had a great birthday. It sucks getting old.